Rosario + Vampire Character: Yukari Sendo

Posted on: July 27, 2010

2ac6e4533e7988c3c2466676a0b0180d122.png Yukari Sendo image by lovelyanimegirl

Yukari is a little smart girl who entered at the youkai academy because she is so smart.

Her true form is a witch, and she is also wearing her witch costume the whole time, and that makes that people think that she is cosplaying, and that she is a stupid child.

At the beginning she hated Tsukune, because Moka was in love with Tsukune, and Yukari was in love with Moka. So she tried to get them apart.

She was also very lonely at the beginning, because she was the smartest one in her class, and she also annoyed everyone with her magical powers.

But then she became friends with Moka, Tsukune and Kurumu. And she fell also in love with Tsukune.

Yukari has short brown bob hair and purple eyes. She is wearing a pink /purple top, a light pink/dark purple cloak with a yellow bow, a brown school uniform skirt, white/yellow knee socks and dark purple shoes.

She is also wearing her dark purple witch hat, and most of the time she also has a pink wand with a star in a heart.

At her clothes are many lines and some light blue buttons.

voice is by: Koyama, Kimiko




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Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

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