Welcome To Our Fanpage!

We are a little Anime-fanclub.
and we have decided to make this Anime / Manga fanpage.

We are  publishing:

 – Plots
 – Character information
 – Episode Summaries
 – Music information
 – Manga Chapters
 – FanFictions

We hope you will enjoy our page^^
Feel free to subcribe us^^ 


For this time being, only two members are active in publishing. Theese are JA-senpai & Winny. Feel free to check out their own information pages here on afg.

We also have other members, and those are:
Sunny, Kitty and Xoroth. 

(>^^)>   <(^^<)

Hope You’ll Enjoy Ou Page^^
And Feel Free To Comment And To Ask Us Questions^^

(Winnifred Artemis)


4 Responses to "*~°ANIME°~*"

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Excellent! Your blog has quite a few viewers. How did you get so many viewers to look at your blog I’m jealous! I’m still learning all about posting articles on the internet. I’m going to click on more articles on your blog to get a better understanding how to achieve success. Thanks for the help!

Uh hey! Do you know where I can find the Vampire Knight OVA? At all? I love anime and I’ll say your website is awesome !!! I love it and I read the Code Geuss Review. 🙂

Hmm.. couldn’t find it anywhere for streaming now. Try downloading – nyaatorrents maybe?

And thanks^^

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