It’s been a while – like usual, I guess.
For those new to this side, this is because this blog stopped a while ago
BUT I do have my own personal blogs too – so check them out!!

First we have my mail blog.
Here I publish everything you need to know about my writing, so make sure to check it out, okay?

The other blog is for reviews.
That said, it’s not that frequently updated (at the moment at least) and when I do update it, I tend to spam it.
I would like to say that I’ll try to get better at it, but I can’t really make any promises.

So yeah. Up til now, all fanfics have been on my main blog, and reviews on the second, but I have none (with 2 exceptions) reviews on other fanfics.

The reason why I bring this up is because I knew that quite a few have read the fanfic reviews written on this blog, and thought I’d tell you that I will continue with it – just on another blog.

So yeah, that was all I had to say and if you’re interested in these, do follow both of my blogs – ’cause I’m not entirely sure which of them I’m gonna be doing it on.

Feel free to leave a comment of you want to share your opinion on this or if you have a question.

I hop to see you around,
– WA


I’ve started all over with a new blog on:


Start following me there^^

Congratulations to JA-senpai & myself!

Today it’s a whole year since we made this page,
and I’m gonna ceebrate this with uploding more chapters tonight^^

Hope you’ll stay with us another year too~

One Year ago, I wrote this:


Posted by: Winnifred Artemis on: March 23, 2010

Hi, and welcome to our page^^
This is as you can see; our first entrence^^
I havn’t gotten my co-worker registred here yet,
so I will not be doing anything specific,
not today/tonight at least…
Oh! I almost forgot to interduse myself!

My name is Winnifred Artemis,
but you’re all allowed to call me Winny or Arty^^
I’m 16 ears old, and live in Norway^^

My Co-worker isn’t present right now,
so I’ll jut write down some facts^^

Her name is JA-senpai,
and is 14 years old.
She lives in Sweeden,
but close to the Norwegian border^^

As you can see,
my style of writing is quite special,
but please live with it,
cause I can’t live without it.

Hugs To You All
Winny ;P

and it sure brings back memories~ ❤

Make sure you all get a nice day~

Hugs from Winny ;P

I’ve started a personal blog.
It’s in Norwegian soo
but anyway,
take a look,



37,860 views all-time
349 views on your busiest day


Sorry you guys for not publishing manga lately,
but I usually do this at school,
and my school decided to shut down blogg.no
(the page I’m publishing the pictures)

Now I’m back, and the one to thank is one in my class^^

I can now continue publishing^^

See You Guys Around


Once Again A New Record!


January 28, 2011

Love You Guys ❤


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