Vampire Knight


Vampire Knight is an anime about a school with a day class and a night class.  In the day class are normal people, and they have black uniforms and lessons on the day.  

The night class is a class with vampires which are trying to hide their real identity, and they have white uniforms and their lessons are in the night. And their class is led by Kaname Kuran, which has saved  Yuuki Cross from a vampire when she was young.  

Yuuki Cross is trying to hide the night class real identity together with Zero, so none will know that there are vampires in the night class.  And they are protecting the day class students from the vampires and their thirst.  

Vampire Knight has 2 seasons with each 13 episodes:
vampire knight and vampire knight guilty.
Vampire knight is about when Yuuki not had her memories, and vampire knight guilty is about Yuukis life as a pureblood vampire, Kanames and her love, and Zeros hate.  But they became friends at last, or he let Yuuki and Kaname go in the last episode, and he hoped never to see them again. 


Yuuki Cross
Kaname Kuran
Zero Kiryuu

Aidou Hanabusa
Kain Akatsuki
Takuma Ichijou
Rima Touya
Shiki Senri
Ruka Souen
Maria Kurenai

Shizuka Hio 
Ichiru Kiryuu

Juuri Kuran
Haruka Kuran
Rido Kuran

Kaien Cross
Toga Yagari
Sayori Wakaba

Vampire Knight Episodes:

Episode 01: Night Of The Vampires
Episode 02: Memory Of Blood
Episode 03: Fangs Of Repentance
Episode 04: Trigger Of Conviction
Episode 05: Feast In The Moonlight
Episode 06: Their Choice
Episode 07: Scarlet-Colored Labyrinth
Episode 08: Gunshot Of Lamentation
Episode 09: Red Gaze
Episode 10: Princess Of Darkness
Episode 11: The Cost Of Desire
Episode 12: The Pride Of A Pure Blood
Episode 13: Crimson Chain

Vampire Knight Guilty Episodes:

Episode 01: Sinners Of Fate
Episode 02: The Eternal Promise
Episode 03: The Lapis Lazuli Portrait
Episode 04: The Devil’s Quickening
Episode 05: The Subordinate’s Trap
Episode 06: The Fake Lovers
Episode 07: The Thorny Kiss
Episode 08: The Spiral Of Recollection
Episode 09: The Revived Crazed Emperor
Episode 10: The Battle’s Prelude
Episode 11: Our Two Lives
Episode 12: End Of The World
Episode 13: Vampire Knight


OVA: Why Only Me?


Opening Short – Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi – ON/OFF
Opening Full – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi – ON/OFF

Ending Short – Still Doll – Kanon Wakeshima
Ending Full – Still Doll – Kanon Wakashima

Guilty Opening Short – Rondo – ON/OFF
Guilty Opening Full – Rondo – ON/OFF

Guilty Ending Short – Suna No O-Shiro – Kanon Wakeshima
Guilty Ending Full – Suna No O-Shiroi – Kanon Wakeshima




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Congratulation With Your First Finished Anime! ❤

thanks! .<

thanks ❤ but i have not written about all characters yet..

but I’ll try to be ready next week! ^^ Ganbarimasu! 🙂

only 2 characters left xD

That hunter guy, and Yuki’s roommate?

yes, and then I’ll start with Rosario+Vampire ^^

this post is AMAZING!!!!!

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