Rosario + Vampire Character: Kurumu Kurono

Posted on: July 27, 2010

Kurumu is a succubus girl who also studies at the youkai academy. She is 15-17 years old (15 at the beginning, and 17 at capu2)

She is a bit jealous of Moka’s popularity, and because Tsukune seems to like Moka more than her. But she isn’t giving Tsukune to Moka, she still is fighting for Tsukune. She is even risking her life for Tsukune.

But Kurumu is very popular as well, because she has so big breasts.

But Moka and Kurumu became friends at least, even though that they are rivals.

Kurumu is wearing a white shirt and a light brown “half sweater”. She is wearing the same skirt as the other girls at the academy.

She is even wearing white socks and black shoes ^^

And she has a bow at her neck.

Her hair is blue and her eyes are blue as well. ^-^

When she is a succubus, she get bat wings, long nails which are sharp as razors, and a devil tail.

But the other things are like the things are when she is in her human form. The hair colour and the eye colour is the same, and the cloths as well. ^^

btw, Kurumu loves sweets :3

voice is by: Fukuen, Misato




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