Rosario + Vampire Episode 11: New semester + Vampire

Posted on: July 21, 2010

In the  beginning of this episode, the newspapers club newspaper was ready.

Everyone was proud and happy, and thought that the newspaper was brilliant.

But when they wanted to share it out, they saw some other students sharing out another newspapers in colour!

And the newspaper club newspaper was in grey.

The rivals were some kinda ugly girls who looked kinda scary. And they wanted to kick out the newspaper club’s newspaper “Youkai newspaper”. So they made an own new super newspaper club with the newspaper “Youkai square”.

Because there only can be one newspaper club at school  at the same time, they needed to find out which one of them was the best, and then kick the other club out.

Because no one wanted youkai newspaper, Kurumu and Yukari dressed up themselves as maids, and then shared out the newspaper and cookies.

And of course all the guys liked it, and went then to youkai newspaper.

But of course didn’t the girls from youkai square like that, so they shared their newspaper out in a bikini, and gave everyone a photo of them in a bikini.

And of course ran all the guys to the bikini-girls.

Everyone except of one, who liked Yukari.

Kurumu wanted to dress up in a bikini as well, but Yukari got scared from the ugly boy, so she didn’t want to walk around with such embarrasing clothes.

Then Gin-senpai said that they had to destroy youkai newspaper, because of a school police.

They became all very sad, because they had worked so hard, and it was the first thing Kurumu made together with Tsukune, so the newspaper was like a treasure for her. So she couldn’t put them in the fire.

When Tsukune and Kurumu stood crying by the fire,

The leader from Youkai square came, and transformed into a spiderwoman. And attacked them.

The first thing she did was throwing the youkai newspapers in the fire.

Then she captured Tsukune, and took Kurumu in her web.

There were also the “slaves” from the leader. Some girls who worked in some other newspapers before, but then became captured by the spiderwoman, who took her spiderpoison inside of them, and made them to her “slaves”.

But then Mizore came, and shot some ice of the web, and helped Kurumu to flee. And then Moka and Yukari came. And Tsukune took off Moka’s rosario.

And the fight was very cool and funny.

Moka captured the spiderwoman  in her own web, and then made it to a ball and threw it away.

It tooked 117 seconds for Moka to win ~chuu

But the fight isn’t over yet. There still are they from the school police who have some plans.

well, they burned a picture of Tsukune…




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