Rosario + Vampire Episode 12: Public Safety Commission + Vampire

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Just as you maybe remember form the last episode, the newspaper club wanted to write about the public safe commission, and write about the bad things they are doing.

So they ran around and took pictures off the PSC and the thing they were doing.

They all did their best for getting information, Mizore was stalking the fanclub boys who liked Moka, Kurumu and Yukari. And got some information from them

And Moka wanted to drink Tsukune’s blood again,  but Kurumu didn’t allow it.

But then the PSC found out that Tsukune was a human, and then they wanted to talk with Tsukune and his friends. And then the PSC showed Tsukune how they held water on Moka, and how she screamed.

At least Tsukune did admit that he was a human, and then he saw that all his friends always were in the room, and that the PSC didn’t take water on Moka.

And then Kurumu hit Moka, because she thought Moka knew that Tsukune was a human.

And then the PSC put Moka in the jail, and wanted to kill Tsukune in front of the whole school.

And everyone said that they should kill him.

And Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari didn’t safe him, because they felt betrayed.

What will happen to Tsukune, and will Moka come and safe Tsukune?

You’ll see it in the next episode ^-^




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