Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Character: Kokoa Shuzen

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Kokoa is Moka’s younger half-sister. She also is a vampire, and when Moka and Kokoa were young, they used to fight each other. But Kokoa did never win. When Kokoa came to the youkai academy as a first year student, she always tried to kill Moka, because she wanted the “real” Moka to come out.

Kokoa kinda is like Moka, except of her orange hair, and Moka is stronger than her. But only the vampire Moka is stronger. And Kokoa’s power is not sealed. Kokoa also uses the “bat-narrator” Kou as a pet which transforms into weapons to kill Moka

She really hates the rosario Moka is wearing, and Tsukune, because he has the ability to take it off, and Kokoa has it not. She became very happy when the rosario from the school got broken, and Moka had to put her rosario in it. Or the Monster world, and the human world would get one. But then the “not real” Moka was gone, and Tsukune really missed her.

Kokoa has orange hair and green eyes. She is wearing a red shirt with white lines (look at the picture above). She also is wearing a school uniform skirt, and knee socks. And she has a tie on her shirt, and ties in her hair.

voice is by: Saito, Chiwa




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rosario vampire is a kind of anime that is very exiting to watch …………

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