Code Geass R1 – OVA 1 – Nunnally And Lelouch’s Past

Posted on: September 21, 2010

When their mother was murdered, Lelouch went to confront his father about the incident, but Charles did not even care, and orders his children to be hostages for Japan. Now Lelouch and Nunnally are one the run.

In the first scene we see a big plight of steps, which are part of the path to the Kururugi House, and two children talking. Lelouch was carrying his disabled sister, Nunnally on his back. Lelouch was explaining what a Japanese shrine is. Nunnally asks if he is okay, and young Lelouch, being proud as he is, says he is fine.

After going up the long plight of stairs, Lelouch takes his sister into an old store house. She asks how it is, and Lelouch describes it as luxurious and fitting for them.

But then they heard another child’s voice, the voice of Suzaku Kururugi. He claims this as his home, and Lelouch has an immediate dislike of him, and the feeling is mutual.

Suzaku mentions how Britannians are rude and like to intrude into other people’s territories and how they take over countries, to which Lelouch retorts, Japan takes over countries too, but secretly with money. He even says that Japan and Britannia are no different.

Suzaku calls him a liar, saying that so-described room is a lie, and Lelouch grew angry and without thinking, attacks Suzaku. Being no match for him, Lelouch was beaten up.

Hearing her brother’s pain, Nunnally pleads him to stop. Suzaku was shocked that she is blind and wheelchair bound. An overwhelming sense of guilt came over him, knowing that he beat up the girl’s brother, ran away from the house.

Nunnally asks him who he is, to which Lelouch replies he is the prime minister’s son. And in the narration, Lelouch mentions that Suzaku was his first friend, and one day will become his worst enemy.



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