Code Geass R1 – OVA 2 – Ashford Academy Bathtime Chat

Posted on: September 21, 2010

It’s the evening after the big party, and the Ashford Academy girls are having a chat in the bathroom. They are talking about the horrible and surprising news about Clovis being killed.


Kallen wonders why she’s there since she just took a shower, but Milly says that this is another round of getting to know each other better – the close contact between naked friends.


Milly also makes a comment about wearing Lelouch’s clouts, which makes Shirly remember that Lelouch was acting strange after seeing the news. Kallen is saying that he really seems like a very nice person around his sister – in different to the way he acts around Kallen herself.

The subject switches to the girls’ figure, and Shirly gets complimented by Milly; but they agree on that Milly got the nicest curves.


Then Kallen recognizes Nina, telling her she really looks different without wearing her glasses. We get to know that Milly and Nina grew up together because Nina’s grandfather worked for Milly’s grandfather.


As Kallen hears that Milly’s family owns a Knightmare Fabric, she remembers a type of Knightmare, and asks Milly if they weren’t the makers. Milly confirms this, and Kallen makes up the excuse of having read it somewhere. Milly tells how her grandfather owned a lot of fabrics, but choose to dedicate more time and money on parties. The other girls comment that Milly has inherited this gene.

Kallen is then asked by Milly if she is free the day after tomorrow. Kallen says she is byssi that day, and that she’s going to the Tokyo Tower.  Milly says that it’s okay, and that it can be done now. To Kallen’s question of what the president is planning, Milly says she needs Kallen’s three sizes for future cosplay. She then orders Shirly to hold Kallen still while measuring.




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