Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 2: Sister + Vampire

Posted on: September 12, 2010


This episode begins with that Kokoa is trying to kill Moka (like always in capu2).  And the fact that Kokoa is a vampire, and that she is strong as a vampire, doesn’t make the situation less complicated for Moka and the others.

And Moka, Tsukune, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore didn’t get calmer when they saw that the narrator-bat ko-chan helped Kokoa.

Kokoa attacked them the whole time without any break.

She threw things at Tsukune until he bled, and then she licked his face, but Kurumu kicked her away. Then Moka also licked Tsukune’s face, and of course Kurumu kicked her away as well.

After a while a teacher interrupted Kokoa and her plans, and Moka could escape.

While Moka, Tsukune, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore hid themselves from Kokoa, Moka talked about her and Kokoa’s childhood.

Moka and Kokoa are sisters, but they don’t have the same mother. They also have two other sister, but they don’t appear in any episode.

Moka and Kokoa always fought each other when they were childs, Moka always won, and Kokoa didn’t like it. She wanted to win, but Moka said that that never would happen, because Moka went to the human-world to her mother.

But Moka needed a rosario in the human world, because she wanted to get some friends in school, but even though she wore a rosario no one accepted her.

And Kokoa came and attacked her sometimes. But they couldn’t fight, because the rosario made Moka like a weak human.

Back in the classroom,Kurumu tried to “rape” Tsukune again. But they stopped when Ko-chan said to Kokoa where they were.

Then Kokoa made Ko-chan into a weapon, and tried to kill Moka once again. And Moka didn’t want to hurt Kokoa, because Kokoa still is her sister. So Moka and the others had to run again (mostly Moka).

While Nekonome sensei was eating her fish, the other teachers came in, and wanted to talk with Nekonome about Kokoa. They were worried about her, because she always tried to kill Moka, and destroyed the half school when she hunted her.

But there wasn’t so much for them to do. Kokoa is Kokoa.

Moka and Tsukune still had to run away from Kokoa. And Moka also had to run away from some fangirls. But Kokoa hit them away.

Tsukune and Moka hid themselves for a while, but ko-chan found them, and said it to Kokoa.

But Moka and Tsukune got help from Kurumu and Yukari who were dressed up as some ladies who wanted to save Tsukune and Moka.

But Kokoa hit them away before they could do anything.

But then Ruby and Ginei came, and it looked like they wanted to help Kurumu, Yukari, Tsukune, Mizore and Moka. But then Ginei suddenly began to make a lot of pictures of Ruby. But Moka and the others got at least some time to run away, and hide themselves once again.

When Kokoa passed the place there they were, she didn’t notice them. But Moka at last decided to talk with kokoa.

First Kokoa hit Moka with her weapons, but then Tsukune talked with her, and then she began to cry. But at last she still decided to kill Moka, so she took her hammer and squashed Moka and Tsukune.

But the good thing was that Tsukune took off Moka’s rosario before they got hit, so Moka turned into a vampire, and could hit Kokoa.

But then Kokoa suddenly glomped Moka, and was totally happy to see Moka. And she said that she only wanted to kill the human-Moka, because she missed the inner-Moka.

Moka tried to explain that Kokoa had to like the other Moka as well, even if it’s difficult.

Kokoa didn’t like that, and she still wants to kill the other Moka.

The episode ends with that Moka drinks Tsukune’s blood (like always).




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