Code Geass R2 – Ending 2 Short – Waga Routashi Aku No Hana – Ali Project

Posted on: September 9, 2010

Code Geass R2
Ending 2
“Waga Routashi Aku No Hana”
By: Ali Project


Dakusei ha oni   
seigi wa nanzo to
Tou mae ni aragae yo akutoku no hana
Gizen no yume mishi me ni wa me wo sashi
Sei mo ja mo wakatareru koto nashi

Hikari ha tae taiji no you ni
Kimi wa nemuru yami no shikyuu
Kodoku koso itooshii
Yuiitsu no mikata to naru darou

Hitori hitori chishio ni mamire
Kono jidai ni umareochita
Erabareshi oujira yo
Tatakai koso shukuen

Aa ware ha uruwashi   
Ai no haha   
kimi wo umu
Kono chichi ni hagukumishi mono wa
Jigoku no harakara

Mokushi no in   
shinri wa nanzo to
Shiri mo sezu uzumoreshi intoku no tane
Moroha no ken nuku ha ni wa ha wo muke
Mamorubeki mono dake wo shinjite
Aru ga mama ni kimi wa kimi wo hanate


The world of man is ogreish; what might justice be?
Resist it before you ask that, oh flower of vice
Keep your eye on eyes that behold dreams of hypocrisy
Without being able to distinguish between life and evil

The light is extinguished, and like an embryo
You slumber in the womb of darkness
Solitude: that is what is precious
It shall surely become your sole friend

One by one, smeared with blood,
You were born into this era
O, you chosen princes
Battle: that is your celebratory throne

Ah, I am the beautiful omniscience
The loving mother who birthed you
Those reared on my milk are
The brethren of hell

The mudra of revelation; what might truth be?
The seeds of concealment buried away without knowing that
Bare your blade to blades that are drawn double-edged
Believe only in those whom you must protect
You will release yourself the way you are



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