Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 1: Reunion + Vampire

Posted on: August 28, 2010

This episode begins with that Tsukune has a dream about how he and Moka were driving to school by bike.

Suddenly they were falling down from the bikes and Tsukune falled on Moka. Tsukune was close to kiss Moka,

but suddenly he was close to kiss the inner-Moka.

Then he wakes up, and realizes that everything just was a dream.

After that he woke up, he had to run to the schoolbus. There he met the weird and scary busdriver who was surprised to see Tsukune.

When Tsukune at last came to the school, and passed the place there he met Moka for the first time, he heard a sound that sounded like a bike. At first he thought that it was Moka, and became excited to see her.

Suddenly a little girl on a bike appears, and the girl drives into Tsukune, and makes him and herself fall to the ground.

But of course Tsukune’s hand came at a very bad place. It came at her breast, and she got angry and kicked him.

Then Tsukune got hurted, and got a wound in his face, and the wound bleeded.

Suddenly the girl becames kind, and waned to drink the blood, but then she got angry again, and kicked him again.

At the Youkai academy, the new first year student began to stalk the senior girls. They all got their own new idols, and hanged at them the whole time.

At first they just hung on Yukari and Kurumu, but when Moka came they all ran at her. Moka wanted to bite Tsukune again, but she couldn’t, because the first year student girls kidnapped Moka.

Then the bat talked abit about the school. But then he got kidnapped by the girl with the orange hair.

After that Moka got kidnapped, they went to check if they got any letters. Of course Yukari, kurumu and Mizore got many cards from fans, and of course Moka got the most.

Moka also got a weird letter which looked like the narrator-bat. They all thought that it was a love letter, until there stood that the person will kill Moka.

Moka got very scared, and she got even more scared when she and Tsukune bought some sweets. (in the right corner of the photo, you also can see blood-pocky >w<)

Because when she bought the things she bought, she saw one more of those bat-cards.  And of course there stood some more terrible things in that card.

The next day Moka was very tired. Because she got those bat-cards the whole night. Every 10 minutes one card.

And in the card stood that she’ll die on the school ceremony. And the ceremony was on the day after the night when the cards came.

But Yukari, Kurumu, Tsukune and Mizore said that they’ll protect her.

At the school ceremony, Moka saw the person who wanted to kill her. It was her little sister Kokoa. She was the girl with the orange hair.

But Tsukune took of Moka’s rosario, and Moka could stop the trouble. And all the fangirls liked her.




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