Code Geass R2 – Episode 04 – Counterattack At The Gallows

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Code Geass R2 – Episode 04:
Counterattack At The Gallows


This episode starts us off with a flashback of Rolo’s dark past. In a street, a bunch of politicians are walking to a meeting on a rainy night. But a little kid comes by and uses his Geass, stopping time for everyone.

He takes the guy’s gun and assassinates him. In his narration, Rolo states that killing for him is like brushing teeth for most people; they don’t recall how many times they’ve done it.

He also reveals in his narration that he has no family whatsoever. Rolo was born and trained as an assassin, and that is pretty much all he can do. In this particular mission, he is pretending to be Lelouch’s brother, and he will carry out this mission to the end.

When the flashback is over, we are taken back to right where we left off in episode 3, with Lelouch at gunpoint. After Rolo mentioning that his job is to kill him if he becomes Zero, Lelouch counts the number of seconds on the clock. He states that Rolo didn’t stop time, but rather, his perception of time.

To escape the situation and gain Rolo’s trust, Lelouch says he will lure CC out for him. But he can only do that if Rolo lets him live. Then he turns around and claims that Rolo has no future with the Agency, but he will have a future with him as a brother.

In the last episode, we see Xingke beating up some guy, screaming that he will destroy the Black Knights. He offers CC an ultimatum, that Gao Hai will be assassinated, or the Black Knights will be destroyed here. Naturally, she picks the choice that will let them survive.

Now that Lelouch has time to himself, he begins formulating a plan to rescue his captured comrades. In his narration, he states his deductions: there is no connection between Guilford and the Agency, so he should be safe in Ashford. He does not have much time before the Black Knights are executed.

In the next scene, Guilford states to the Glaston Knights that the execution is for show. It matters not if Zero shows up, because the public won’t support a Zero who doesn’t perform miracles.

Xingke goes to confront Gao Hai, the eunuch general. He states that he is infatuated with Zero. But when Xingke states that Tianzi did not approve of this, Gao Hai responds with, “Forget the little girl.” Xingke then kills Gao Hai for treason. Then he quotes, “The Crimson Sky as perished.”

As the rebels are about to be executed, all of the Japanese are watching. Villetta’s team is also watching, and she notices Ohgi. Apparently, she still misses him, even though she shot him from point blank in season 1.

Next, we see Lelouch using the Geass on one of the Glaston Knights. We also get to see Rolo stabbing some guy, and taking ownership of the Vincent.

As the time draws near, the Japanese wonder if their hero will show up. Just as Guilford states that Zero is a deception, the said person’s voice is heard. In his words: “You’re not executing terrorists, you’re executing soldiers of the United States Army, soldiers of the Black Knights.” Surprisingly, it is just Zero by himself.

Sayoko, Diethard, and Raskshata were watching the news.

Zero invites Guilford to a friendly chat , but Guilford declines it, of course. Zero then invites him to a 1 on 1 duel. More than happy to duel the honorable way, Guilford accepts, and he chooses to use a spear, while Zero uses a shield. Zero asks him a philosophical question before they fight. “What is justice to you?” And Guilford responds back with his usual answer, his justice is with Cornelia.

Some guy who is under the Geass presses a button, conveniently causing the floor to fall apart. It is the same strategy used during the Black Rebellion. Everything falls down the slant and Zero uses the shield to slide down, knocking over others in the process.

This is the cue for the Black Knights to charge in. Kallen kills Alfred, one of the Glastons Knights. Then the Vincent moves in and chases Zero’s Burai. David fires the cannon, and Rolo is a deer in headlights as he watches the bullet approach him. When it is about to hit him, the Burai blocks it and becomes destroyed.

Completely shocked by what happened, Rolo asks why he did. Lelouch says it is because you are my brother. Even if the memories are fake, the time spent with him was not a lie. We also learn that Lelouch him a non-homosexual heart shaped locket for his birthday.

As Guilford throws his spear at the Burai, the Vincent blocks it. Somehow, Lelouch has time to call his teacher in the middle of a battle. He puts Rolo on 3-way with Villetta, telling her that he is hanging out with Rolo.

At this point, Xingke demands that the Britannians move away because they might damage the CU territory. Guilford is pissed off, but he retreats because he must follow the international rules. Thus, the Black Knights are spared from being beheaded, and Kallen is happy.

Rolo, now psychologically damaged, must choose between his mission and his “brother.” We now learn that all this is part of his intergalactic master plan. Lelouch used the Geass on David before the battle, telling him to fire if the Burai travels a certain path. Once he does, it will put Rolo in danger, which gives Lelouch the chance to block it for his brother, pretending that he cares, in order to get Rolo on his side.

In his closing narration, Lelouch states: You, who is Nunnally’s imposter, I will use you until you dry up and throw you away like a ragged cloth.”



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