Rosario + Vampire Character: Bus driver

Posted on: July 30, 2010

Well, there isn’t so much to say about him as well xD

He is a mysterious and also scary man without a name, who works as a bus driver.

He doesn’t appear in many episodes, only at the first, and when the kids went to the human world.

It is even unknown if he is a human or not.

He is also one of the three dark lords. And he has contact with the chairman.

voice is by: Inoue, Norihiro




1 Response to "Rosario + Vampire Character: Bus driver"

Wrong, he is not one of the three dark/hades lords,
(spoiler) the three dark lords are:
the exorcist/headmaster/tenmei mikogami
touhou fuhai
akasha bloodriver (shinso vampire and moka’s mother)

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