Rosario + Vampire Character: Mizore Shirayuki

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Mizore’s real form is a ice woman, also called a yuki-onna, yuki means snow in japanese.

She is also studying at the youkai academy. She appears for the first time in episode 7: yuki-onna + vampire, and in chapter 18 in the manga.

Her ability is  of course to control  ice, and she even can make ice clones of herself.

She kinda is a stalker. At the beginning she thought that Tsukune was a lonely heart just like her. And she thought  that Moka would come in her way, so she even tried to kill her.

Then she became depressed, and froze her favourite teacher, and was close to do bad things, but Tsukune saved her. (read more about it in episode 7).

Then she fell in love with Tsukune and stalked him every day.

Then at least she became friends with Moka, Yukari, Kurumu and Tsukune.

Mizore has purple hair and blue eyes. She wears a black top under her white sweater with darkblue arms and green lines and some purple buttons.

She is wearing a brown school uniform skirt with light brown lines. And she is wearing long purple and light purple/pink socks. And her shoes are white with some dark lines.

And she is wearing a necklace with a gold charm.

Notice that she always has a lollipop in her mouth ^-^

voice is by: Kugimiya, Rie




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