Code Geass R2 – Episode 24 – Sky Of Damocles

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Code Geass R2 – Episode 24:
Sky Of Damocles



With FLEIJA warheads dominating the battlefield, the casualties are heavy. And Nunnally who is the one holding the ignition key, is feeling the burden for killing everyone. All attempts to breach Damocles are ending in failure as Blaze Luminous is deployed to shield the entire air fortress.

Worse still, the Damocles is beginning to ascend and launch multiple FLEIJA warheads across the globe as what is planned by Schniezel. Lelouch gambles everything by charging Avalon head on to Damocles. Even Xingke is desperate for a counterattack, knowing that the hostages are now in harm’s way. 


The remaining forces of the Black Knights begin retaliation and Suzaku single-handedly defended the Avalon. However even the Lancelot could not defend Avalon well as it got shot by the rear.


Judging by this dire situation, Lelouch reassessed his plans and moved on to “Mission Apate Aretia”. He made his leave from the bridge and go to Shinkiro. Along the way, he thanked Nina for her help despite the fact that he was the one who killed Euphemia.


He then meets with C.C. there and asked her help to escort him later. C.C. comes to ask if he hated her for giving him Geas that changes his life. He, however, did not blame her for everything and thanked her instead for allowing him to move forward.


Suddenly Kallen entes, but fortunately for Lelouch, C.C. managed to get into her pink Lancelot and attacks Guren and this gave him the chance to make a run to Shinkiro.

As he heads out to the open, Schniezel was indeed surprised to see Lelouch putting his life on the line. In any case, another FLEIJA was launched and this one is heading towards Shinkiro.


What Schniezel did not know is that Lelouch has ANTI-FLEIJA system onboard with him. But there is a catch to that. Lelouch needs to input complex calculations for the environmental data first before he could the system and he only got 19 seconds to do that.

Moreover, the action time required to deploy it is only 0.04 seconds. In reality, that is normally highly impossible. Together they stopped FLEIJA from exploding just in time. With an opening at Blaze Luminous, Lelouch and Suzaku breaks into Damocles.


By now, Schniezel accepted his defeat and proceed to his final plan – blowing up Damocles along with Lelouch on it. That means that Schniezel is abandoning ship, leaving Nunnally behind. As Lelouch and Suzaku making their way up, Gino showed up to them. Gino did well to damage Shinkiro, forcing Lelouch to continue his way on foot. Suzaku left behind to hold Gino down.


Meanwhile Nunnally is sprawling on the floor in search for the ignition key.

Outside, Kallen is fighting against the remaining forces of Britannia and C.C. was there to stop her as well. Obviously her pink knightmare did not match against Guren.


Schniezel made his way to his escape shuttle where Lelouch is waiting for him – from a video link. Schniezel, Cannon, and Diethard are now trapped. Apparently Lelouch figured out that he is there simply because he figured Schniezel’s behaviour for not wanting to play a losing game.


On Hourai island, Cornelia is lying on the bed. She is still alive, as well is Guildford though blind.

Back to Damocles, both Lelouch and Schniezel are arguing about their purpose of waging wars. And just when Schniezel thought he is talking to Lelouch, it turns out that he is already there inside the escape shuttle. The video communication was prerecorded, and Lelouch uses Geass on Schniezel, and gets control.


Now that Schniezel is under Lelouch’s command, Diethard resisted and gone bonkers, saying that Zero’s story is already over. Before he could pull the trigger against Lelouch, it was Schniezel who shot him dead. Even Diethard’s last plea to have Geass used on him was ignored by Lelouch.


Though Suzaku swiftly destroyed Gino’s Tristan Divider, he managed to create an opening at the Blaze Luminous where Kallen readies to shoot the Slash Harken. At the same time, Lelouch reached to where Nunnally is and was about to get the shock of his life. Nunnally is now able to see.




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