Code Geass R2 – Episode 03 – Imprisoned In Campus

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Code Geass R2 – Episode 03:
Imprisoned In Campus


In the year a.t.b 2017, Japan, the colony that was renamed to Area 11, waged a war of independence against its suzerain state, the Holy Empire of Britannia. The civil war, named the Black Rebellion, ended in Japan’s second consecutive defeat and was so written in history.

One year later, the terrorist thought to be dead, the man who calls himself Zero, reappeared in Area 11. Zero, leader of the armed group, the Black Knights, his true identity is that of the castaway prince of the Britannian Empire, Lelouch Lamperouge.

Continued from the last episode, we see Zero announcing the United States of Japan within the Chinese embassy. In the front gates, Rolo is about to use his Geass, but then his phone rings and he picks it up. To his dismay, he hears Lelouch’s voice. He asks if Rolo is okay.

Villetta then grabs the phone, saying that Lelouch is in school. Convinced that Zero is not Lelouch, he tells Xingke that he has done.

The Zero inside the embassy turns out to be CC in disguise. Unable to tell the difference in height, Kallen is surprised that it’s not Lelouch behind the mask. He is mad that they hid it from her.

In the next scene, Lelouch is cooking something with Milly. Shirley is mixing dough and she fells down and the dough spills all over her. In Lelouch narrations, he uses his brilliant mind to deduct that everyone forgot about Nunnally’s existence.

That means that everyone in the student council’s memories have been rewritten by the Emperor. Villetta Nu is a fake teacher, a woman whom he had already used the Geass on. Plus, he has a fake brother named Rolo.

In the country of Italy, there is a battle between Panzer Hummels. Just as the commanders are about to declare victory, the Lancelot drops down from the sky. Dubbed Britannia’s White Grim Reaper, the Lancelot wins single-handedly.

While bored, Lelouch looks at old photo albums of the wonderful times he spent with his fake brother. Somehow Rolo is in almost every picture he is in. Rolo shows up and asks how Lelouch survived the terrorist attack, to which Lelouch dodges the question.

Seeing the heart-shaped locket on his phone that was meant for Nunnally, he tries to take it away, but Rolo overreacts because he wants to keep it.

While in the shower, Kallen narrates that the Black Knights have been hiding in the Chinese embassy for three days and there is still no word from Zero.

As she walks out of the shower, she blurts out something about being a bunny girl, but then she sees Xingke and Gao Hai in the room. Realizing that they are men, and she’s wearing a towel, she becomes embarrassed and hides behind the glass wall.

Suddenly, some guy comes in and says that Ohgi and others are in big trouble. On National TV, Guilford announces that he will execute the captured members of the Black Knights unless if Zero surrenders.

Shirley walks in on Lelouch as he is watching the news and he turns it off. When she mentions that she needs to buy a present for Villetta sensei, Lelouch realizes that this is his chance to escape the crew’s surveillance. Rivalz overhears them and quickly goes to make a report to Milly.

In Lelouch’s flashback, CC gives him a contact lens that will block the Geass since he can’t turn it off. CC is worried about his state, but Lelouch replies, “Before that happens…I will end this game.”

His escape plan is designed with the premise that Milly, Rivalz, and Rolo as well. Also, Villetta’s team is trailing him so he cannot move easily. He uses the Geass on a guy, telling him to set off the terrorist alarm.

Then he takes Shirley to a clothing store and tells her that they’re being followed by President Milly. She plays along and waits outside the changing room. Inside, Lelouch changes clothes and calls the security office, telling him that there are bombs in the mall.

While is a public announcement on the bombs, Lelouch sneaks outside. The previous Geass victim presses the alarm, and everyone panics. The guy tailing Lelouch is distracted by all the running people and loses him.

By the time Rolo shows up to the surveillance room, everyone is gone. Lelouch points a gun at his head, thus revealing that he regained his memories.

He attempts to use Geass, but then Rolo vanishes and appears behind Lelouch, pointing the gun at him instead. This ruins Lelouch’s perfectly crafted plan, as he is about to face death.



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