Code Geass R2 – Episode 25 – Re;

Posted on: July 29, 2010

Code Geass R2 – Episode 25:


Nunnally confronts Lelouch and she refuses to hand over the key of Damocles to him, even if he use Geass on her. However Lelouch already thinks to himself not to use Geass on Nunnally, knowing that it would bend her will though he intended to use it on her before this to break her previous Geass influence.

Suzaku and Kallen battles each other with their own Knightmares. The same goes to Jeremiah who is now going against Anya.

Missing out from the action is Todou who is injured from the earlier assault. However he intended to return to battle with his injured body, saying that he wants to responsibility from it. Chiba tried to stop him from going, but Todou tells her that he has no other ways of living besides fighting.  But then, he fell right after as he succumbed to his pain.

Back at Damocles, Nunnally frankly tells Lelouch that he is not qualified to conquer the world for being Zero who destroyed the hopes of many people. Lelouch defended that he did all that for her sake but she lashed back, saying that it was never her wish for him to do so.

She added that the power of Geass is despicable for having the ability to change people’s will against their intent and mar their honour. Lelouch likens Geass with Damocles. To his surprise, Nunnally intends to use Damocles as the symbol of hatred that diverts people’s sorrow to it. The same way Lelouch is doing now as the iron-fist emperor.

Upon hearing that, Lelouch resolves his decision and uses his Geass on Nunnally. Bent to the power of Geass, Nunnally hands over the key of Damocles to Lelouch.


Back to Jeremiah, Anya managed to destroy the Siegfried but another Knightmare emerges from the carnage and Jeremiah strikes hard on Mordred. Jeremiah was about to finish her off but realized that she is under Geass influence. So he activates his Geass Canceller. He then understands that she is Marianne in disguice.

The fight between Lancelot and Guren eventually leads to both machines running low on energy. Given that both are skilled pilot, this comes not surprising at all. With the remaining energy, they both struggle until the end with both of them at a stalemate.

Guren was heavily injured and fell off Damocles before Gino catches it mid-air. Kallen thought she failed to hit Suzaku but in fact, she did. The Guren’s Slash Harken pierced through Lancelot and destroyed it.

Lelouch took the key of Damocles from Nunnally went on to announce his complete raign of the whole world.

Two months later, Lelouch proceeds on a parade the execution of the Black Knights and their allies including Schniezel and Nunnally. Everyone hates Lelouch as a matter of fact but forced to bow before him in dictatorship. No one dares to stop him.

It was also learned that Suzaku died in the battle of Damocles. Just when everything seems to be working out well for Lelouch, a familiar face or rather a symbol of hope appears to everyone. It was Zero. Kallen knows well that Lelouch was always behind the mask of Zero and is very surprised to see another Zero showing up. In fact, this Zero is totally different.

From the beginning, I find it hard to accept Suzaku to die in just an explosion. He’s the super soldier, that’s why. And in the back of everybody’s mind, they know the whole deal is going.

 Lelouch made the whole world his enemy and uses Suzaku in the end as Zero to kill him. With that, the new world of peace can be realized.

That is why Lelouch commanded Schniezel to obey Zero because Zero will be the ruler of that new world. All this has been confirmed in a flashback in the moment before Suzaku pierced Lelouch with his sword. In a way, this also serves as a punishment for Suzaku and not just Lelouch alone because Suzaku will remain the person behind the mask until the end.

Lelouch fell down the stage, next to Nunnally. As she holds onto his hand in his dying moment, Nunnally learns the whole truth of Zero Re;quiem and it serves as his retribution. New era of peace then begins.

In the aftermath, Kallen goes about her normal life as a highschooler. The ruler of the new Britannia is Nunnally, assissisted by Zero/Suzuki. Ougi lives out his dream as the leader of Japan. Anya and Jeremiah on the other hand, began their normal life as orange farmer. Later, Ougi and Villetta get married.

As for C.C., she wanders off to the countryside on top of a hay wagon. Towards the end, it is very suggestive that she is talking to Lelouch and leaves us with the biggest question of all – did Lelouch really died?



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