Code Geass R2 – Episode 02 – Plan For Independent Japan

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Code Geass R2 – Episode 02:
Plan For Independent Japan


In the year a.t.b. 2018, before the superpower bound for world domination, the Holy Empire of Britannia, stands one resurrected terrorist. His name is Zero. By using the power of absolute obedience, Geass, given to him by the mysterious lady, CC, Zero has once again decided to rebel. What will this ripple that begins in Japan, now “Area 11”, bring to this era, and what will people remember it for? That…is something no one knows right now.

As Kallen and Urabe, the only two commanders remaining of the Black Knights, search for Zero, Calares sends his forces to suppress the so called terrorists in Babel Tower. We see where the last season left off; the showdown between Lelouch and Suzaku.

As they aim their guns and fire upon each other, they both miss, and Suzaku jump kicks him, effectively knocking him down. Kallen, still in disbelief over Zero’s identity, runs away.

Suzaku then brings Lelouch to the Emperor, who recognizes him as his son, Lelouch vi Britannia. In return for the capture of Zero, Suzaku wants a spot on the Knight of Rounds, which Charles accepts. He then announces he will rewrite Lelouch’s memories, making him forget everything about himself, including being Zero.

A Geass symbol appears on both his eyes. Lelouch’s final words before he was cast the Geass: “You’re going to take everything away from me again…Nunnally…and mother?”

That is the last thing Lelouch remembers. When asked how Charles received his Geass, CC says she doesn’t know. Everything now makes sense, except for one thing. Lelouch never had a brother named Rolo Lamperouge.

An arbitrary Britannian shows up in a Knightmare, inquiring what happened here. Lelouch points to one of the corpses and says he needs treatment, and the soldier gets out of his Knightmare, only to have the Geass cast upon him.

Lelouch immediately takes command of the Black Knights from the command center and beings playing “chess” in the battlefield.

Urabe is still in disbelief that Zero is a student, but he really does make a difference. Kallen then shows up and points a gun at Lelouch.

Emperor Charles takes Suzaku to a super secret place that no one is allowed to go except for the most important people. He introduces the newly appointed knight to the Sword of Akasha, a weapon used to destroy Gods.

Still pointing a gun at Lelouch, she demands to know if he can be trusted. He says she abandoned him at Kaminejima Island, to which she replies, he has lied to her.

Kallen has to know if she is under the influence of his Geass, and he says confidently that her heart belongs to her, and she chose to follow Zero. He then mentions her bunny costume, and she quickly covers herself and calls him a pervert.

CC is instructed to plant bombs all over the building, but Zero’s strategy is interrupted when his forces are fighting a peculiar Knightmare, the Vincent. It seems to disappear and attack when the time is right.

Still unable to solve the mystery, the Knightmare has already reached Zero. Urabe and Kallen charge and attack him, and it disappears, reappearing behind them, and heads straight for Zero’s Burai.

Urabe decides to make a suicidal move by stabbing his own Knightmare, damaging the Vincent’s shoulder. His sacrifice bought them enough time the bombs to be put in place, which Zero uses immediately.

Conveniently triggered at the click of a button, Zero makes the bombs explodes, making the top half of the tower collapse on Calares’s forces. That marks the first victory of Zero’s return.

Guilford takes over for Calares, and because of his reputation, all the soldiers cooperate. Suddenly, they see Zero make a live broadcast.

“Japanese, I have returned…behold all who hold power, I am saddened at war and discrimination. I have no choice but to return.”

Diethard and Rakshata see the broadcast and they confirm he’s the real deal. Zero then declares the formation of the United States of Japan, starting from the Chinese Union’s territory.

The same Vincent from before shows up at the CU territory, revealing its pilot, Rolo. Xingke doesn’t let him in, but Rolo has other ideas. He activates his Geass, saying he is here to kill Zero.



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