Rosario + Vampire Character: Tsukune Aono

Posted on: July 27, 2010


Tsukune is a human boy who mistakenly entered at the youkai academy.

He thinks that the school is very scary, and the only thing which makes him stay is because of his feelings for Moka. And of course he also stays because of the other girls.

There are many girls who love Tsukune. It maybe is because he smells like a human, even though no one knows that he is a human. Except later when his friends find it out.

Tsukune has brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing the youkai academy school uniform for boys (of course). It is a shirt with a red tie, and a  green coat with white lines, and some brown trousers.

He is very kind and funny, but has problems to choose one girl of those hwo love him.

And that turns later to a problem.

voice is by: Kishio, Daisuke




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