Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 20

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Under His Protection

“Grimmjow, stop bringing home females every night.”

“Why? Human girls are fun in bed.”

“I get tired of hearing your loud sex partners. The next time I will destroy you and the shrieking girl.”

“Ulquiorra, don’t do that,” Orihime said as she walked up to the two Espada.

She smiled at them both. There was one more missing from their little family. He was most likely with his girlfriend, Yoruichi Shihouin. When everyone met up at Kisuke’s house, Yoruichi, Kisuke, and the others came out to greet them. They explained that Aizen was defeated and the Espada would be staying in the human realm. Her and Starrk’s eyes met and you could almost see the sparks flying.

Yoruichi sauntered over to him and and ran a finger over his chest as she circled around him. He let out a noise that was similar to a growl. She stopped in front of him and grasped his hand.

“Number 1 huh?” she said. “Just my type.”

“You haven’t died from my spiritual pressure,” he said as he looked down at her. “We will be friends.”

Yoruichi chuckled. “We will be more than friends.”

Once his bracelet to dampen his spiritual pressure was put on, he spent almost every moment with her. He only came home every few days, but Orihime didn’t mind. As long as he checked in and let her know he was alright every once in a while. Nell was living with Ichigo in the apartment he now had. Ichigo was happier than he’d ever been and Orihime could say the same.

“Why not, you can always revert him back,” Ulquiorra said as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

Orihime laughed and leaned into him. “That’s not nice, that’s why.”

“Yeah that’s not nice,” Grimmjow mocked from behind Orihime as he made faces at Ulquiorra. “Bastard.”


He froze. “Yeah?”

“Stop that,” Orihime said without turning around. “Go bother Ichigo for a little while.”

“How the hell did you know I was doing that?” he muttered under his breath as he walked away.

“Because I know you too well,” Orhime called after him.

It was true. It had been able six months since Aizen’s defeat. Grimmjow lived with her and Ulquiorra although he spent most of his time roaming the streets of Karakura town. Mayuri created a mist to rain across the town and keep people from freaking out about their Arancar skulls and hollow holes. The first few weeks into their stay, Grimmjow went and took bunches of clothes from stores nearby. Orihime screamed at him that he couldn’t take things without paying for them. He yelled back that he didn’t have anything to pay for it with and she gave him a bunch of money ordering that he go back and pay for it.

It was funny now that she looked back on it. Another event that made her laugh now was the first time Taksi met Ulquiorra. She whispered to asking why he painted his face and Orihime laughed, explaining what he was to her. She wasn’t weirded out by his skull and hollow hole, after all Captaion Kurotsuchi had taken care of that.

“You need to put him on a leash,” Ulquiorra said as he pulled her closer.

“If he didn’t leave then we wouldn’t have moments like this,” she said as she traced her fingers up his chest. Orihime grabbed his hand and pulled him into their bedroom. “Would you rather have him here?”

“Orihime what have I told you,” Ulquiorra said sternly.

She pouted. “Just once? Not that long I promise.”

He pulled her to him and tiled her chin up to look at him. “When have I ever been a short time lover?”

Orihime giggled knowing the answer was never. Ulquiorra placed a hand on her swolled belly. “You’ve only got three months left correct? After the child is born, I will make up for lost time.”

“Okay,” she said as she rested her head against her chest.

Orihime was six months pregnant. Captain Kurotsuchi was interested in learning that the Espada were able to reproduce and wanted to run tests on both Ulquiorra and Orihime. He refused because the crazed captain said that Orihime might feel a little pain. Ulquiorra allowed Captain Mayuri run tests on him because he was intrigued with how intelligent the man was.

Besides that, everything was so peaceful. It was almost surreal thinking that Aizen was dead. They had no more enemies and if more did come, they would be defeated by the Soul Society and all of the human realm’s strange inhabitants. There was no more fear, nor death or suffereing. Everything was happy and calm.

Orihime smiled about her life as Ulquiorra pushed her back onto their bed. She was living with the love of her life. She would graduate high school next month and then she could start her life with her lover. She still wanted them to be who they were so they often visited the Soul Society so they could keep their skills on point. Captain Zaraki definitely enjoyed their company. He and Grimmjow seemed to love beating each other to a pulp the most. Orihime was beginning to think they all should move there.

Orihime gasped as Ulquiorra’s head ducked underneath her skirt. All that mattered was that she was with the man she loved more than life itself. He was the one who would be spending the rest of her life with. Ulquiorra Shiffer was her preception of passion.




4 Responses to "Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 20"

i luvv this fanfic soo much!
u should have continued it!!!!
anyway, if you put this on fanfiction.net u wudve got a whole sht load of reviews!

I love this story it was the best I wish the episode was like this. I was so happy when Azien was killed I wanted him to die, but I wonder if Rukia and Renji got together

i really reallly love this story.. need moooooorrrreeeeeeee

Well, if you like it, then you could check out the link to the author of the story^^ He/She might have written more that’s to your liking^^

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