Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 19

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Chapter 19:
The Final Battle: Enter Neliel Tu Oderschvank

She rocketed towards him, a sonic boom sounded with her power. She kicked Aizen right in the mouth, causing his head to snap back. She whipped around and brought her fist down on his cheek. He flew a few feet back. She was on him in a heart beat. She did a back flip and connected her foot with his face once more.

Nell unsheathed her sword and swung it faster than the eye could see. He used his zanpaktou to block and they clashed together over and over. His smirk remained on his face as she was over him, pressing her sword forcefully against his.

“Yes Nell,” he said looking up at her. “Loathe me. Detest me. Hate me.”

She growled angrily and kicked him in the chest. He flew a few feet back. He brushed his hair out of his eyes gently. He looked up and his face changed into one of confusion. Nell looked up, falling for his bait. He flash stepped in front of her and thrust his hand through her stomach. Her eyes widened and she spit out blood.

“Nell!” Ichigo cried as he launched himself at Aizen, Zangetsu raised over his head.

Aizen grasped his sword as it almost hit him and flung Ichigo into the ground. He looked back at Nell and licked to blood that poured from the hand that touched to blade. He then tilted her chin up to his. “Do you not love me anymore?”

“No,” she spat angrily. “I never loved you.”

“But you did,” he said inches from her mouth. “You loved me as I love you.”

Nell gave him a strange looked as she searched his eyes. “Aizen…”

“Oh no,” Toshiro said to Orihime from the ground. “He’s using the Kyōka Suigetsu on her and she’s falling for it.”

Orihime knew all about that technique. He already used it a few times. She’d once heard Momo talking about it while in the Soul Society. After seeing it in action today she knew it was a deadly weapon. Not only did it portray illusions, it seemed to be able to dull a person’s sense to distinguish fantasy from reality.

“Nell,” Orihime screamed. “Snap out of it! He’s just manipulating you!”

“Come back to me Nell,” Aizen continued removing his hand from her abdomen. “We can be together once more.”

“Aizen,” she whispered dreamily.

Suddenly Nell turned around and slid her zanpaktou deeply into Aizen’s mid section, it coming out on the other side. She didn’t stop there. She thrust her arm away through up to the elbow.

“Do you think I’m some love struck girl?” she asked evenly. “Even if I am, it isn’t with you.”

She snatched her arm back. Aizen looked at her as he grasped his sword. “You’ve made a grave mistake Nell.”

They continued to clash swords and were soon separated again. Nell was breathing heavily. Aizen had new fresh wounds bleeding, but he didn’t seem affected by it. Not even by the hole gaping in his stomach. She laughed bitterly at how he looked similar to the beings he created. All he needed was a part of skull somewhere. She was sure he could make it out of the bones of his victims.


She looked down and saw Ulquiorra and Grimmjow looking up at her. Grimmjow raised his hand while Ulquiorra raised a finger. “Cero,” they said in unison.

Grimmjow’s red cero rocketed next to Ulquiorra’s towards her. Her eyes widened at first , but then she realized what they were doing. She opened her mouth and sucked in both cero. That was much harder than it was to inhale one, but she managed. She closed her mouth for a second an them her pink cero exploded out of her mouth with so much force, it threw her backwards.

The immense power rocketed towards Aizen. He tried using his zanpaktou to deflect the cero and he was able to for a little bit, but then he was overwhelmed with how powerful it was. A loud explosion sounded and smoke billowed.

“Is he dead?” Shuuhei asked.

“Not even close,” Ukitake responded weakly.

The smoke cleared and just as he said Aizen stood there smiling. “Not bad Neliel. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, that was quite an impressive idea. Too bad it wasn’t strong enough for me.”

He moved towards Nell once more and she brought her leg up to kick him in the jaw. He grasped it and started to plummet towards the ground and an amazing speed. When he was about ten feet from the ground, he threw her forcefully into it. She slammed hard, making a large crater.

Nell sat up and winced at her broken arm. Despite every one trying their luck with him, even sometimes with everyone trying at once, he still was too powerful. Aizen stared down at her.

“You and all your friends are pathetic,” he said smoothly. “You thought you could defeat me? Someone who’s power can compete with those of the Gods? I will destroy every last one of you.”

Aizen waved his hand towards Orihime and she froze. “Why don’t you heal Nell? in fact, heal all of them. I enjoy it when all of you attempt to beat me with depressing strength. Maybe you should attempt bankai you pathetic soul reapers.”

Orihime quickly moved forward and Ulquiorra grasped her shoulder. She turned and looked at him. She kissed his mouth before placing her hand over his. “I have to do this. I want to feel like I actually did something to help. It is because of me a lot of people have gotten hurt. Please Ulquiorra.”

He stared into her eyes and dropped his hand from her shoulder. “Very well.”

Grimmjow stood next to him and looked at her. “You’re one brave human chick.”

She smiled at his words before lifting her hands and saying the phrase to fix their injuries. She continued moving from person to person. From the Espada to the Vizards the Soul Reapers. She then walked over to the one last person. Neliel looked up at her and smiled gently.

“Thank you Orihime,” she said as she was engulfed in her orange glow.

“You know what must be done correct?” Orihime asked. She turned to the group. “You all know what we must do right?”

Some nodded and the ones who didn’t it was quietly explained to them by someone nearby. Even Head Captain Yamamoto nodded, signaling he would be helping. Orihime looked up at Aizen. “I hope you realize was a dior mistake you have made.”

Aizen laughed at the orange haired girl. “I am not capable of making mistakes.”

Suddenly he was surrounded. Every captain, vizard, and arrancar made a circle around him. So far he was not impressed. Grimmjow held his sword from his body and drew his fingers back on it. “Grind Pantera!” Ulquiorra stood with his sword unsheathed. “Bind Murushierago.”

A shout of “Bankai!” ran through the group except for Kenpachi and the vizards remasked their face. Nell stood in front of Aizen. “Declare Gamuza.”

Aizen looked around him, eyes widening. Orihime felt a smile cross her face. Things were finally looking up. She gazed up at the site before her. Her heart was starting to feel slightly lightened. After everything she had been through, after all the pain and suffering, the man who caused it was finally going to be destroyed.

“Aizen,” Orihime called up to him. He looked at her. “Despite all the things you have done, I have to thank you for bringing me to Hueco Mundo. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met some of my new friends nor would have have to love of my life. I appreciate you creating the Espada. I thank you for creating Ulquiorra.”

“You’re absolutely pathetic,” Aizen spat at her. “You’re the one who poisoned their minds.”

“Maybe so,” Orihime said clasping her hands in front of her. “If I did, I’m glad you gave me the power to do so.”

Aizen narrowed his eyes as he looked from person to person. He knew there was no where to go. If he tried to escape they would only follow him. He wasn’t the type to give in anyway. If he was going to die, he would die an honorable death. It would be the only honorable thing he had ever done in his life.

“Former Captain Sosuke Aizen,” Head Captain Yamamoto. “Your punishment for all your crimes will be execution.”

“So I see,” Aizen responded. He looked at Nell. “Does this make you feel powerful Nell? To destroy the only man who ever cared about you?”

Nell laughed and positioned her weapon at Aizen. “You never cared about me. I know what it is like to have someone truly care for you.” She looked over at Ichigo lovingly and he smiled at her. She turned back to him. “It is because of you that I met Ichigo and now I know what it is like to have someone put their own life on the line to save you.”

Nell smiled at Aizen. “From all your destruction, you’ve managed to create life and we thank you for that. Goodbye Lord Aizen.”

At once, everyone attacked him with their full strength. As their powers combined began to disetegrate his body.

“Curse all of you!” he shouted as he was thrown into oblivion.

A few moments after all the debris cleared, everyone still stood on edge, some half expecting him to reform himself. It took a little while for it to sink in. Hiyori was the first to thrust her fist into the air.

“That fuckin’ bastard is finally dead!”

Cheers ran through the group as their victory finally sunk in. The soul society, no better yet every realm that existed was now safe from his grasp. The soul reapers fell out of their bankai mode and the vizards removed their masks. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Nell also fell out of their resureccions. Ichigo and the three Espada landed beside her. Ichigo and Nell stared each other down as they sheathed their swords. Orihime smiled and counted down the seconds.

“Ichigo!” she screamed and jumped into his arms.

He caught her bridle style and laughed as he hooked his arms under her bottom. “I’m glad you’re alright Nell.”

They looked into each other’s eyes a smile plastered on each of their faces. Nell wrapped her arms around his neck. “I want to always be with you Ichigo.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said gently.

Their mouths met tenderly and Orihime felt her heart swell at the sight and she was glad it did. Had this been before she met Ulquiorra, her heart would have shattered. She looked over at Ulquiorra. He stared back and opened his arms. She walked to them and loved the feeling of his arms locking securely around her. She sighed contently. She finally had no more worries. She had Ulquiorra and that was all that matters. There was only one more thing she had to make clear.

“Head Captain Yamamoto,” she started turning towards the older gentleman. “The Espada will be staying in the human world with me and Ichigo. Are you okay with this?”

“They need to be destroyed,” he said simply. “We do not know if they will harm the humans or attempt to over throw the soul society.”

“What?” Ichigo shouted. “They just helped destroy Aizen! Why would they want to destroy humans? They are not blood thirsty! They just were following the orders of their creator!”

Orihime was surprised when Ulquiorra released her and stepped towards the Head Captain. He stopped a few feet in front of him. “I will not be separated from Orihime Inoue. I cannot.”

“Why is that?” the head captain questioned.

“She is my woman,” he said bluntly. “The same goes for Neliel and Ichigo Kurosaki.”

“What about the Sixth Espada?”

“I’m just going to make sure I can kick Ichigo’s ass whenever I want,” he said smiling. “Fighting him is my only concern.”

“Starrk the First Espada will come too because all he truly wants are friends who are powerful enough to stay alive from his immense power,” Orihime spoke.

“I can take care of that.” They turned to see Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. “I can create a bracelet that will lower his spiritual pressure enough to keep him from destroying anyone extremely weak.”

Captain Yamamoto was silent for a moment. “Will you be willing to assist us if we are in need of your help?”

“If Orihime requests me to I will,” Ulquiorra responded. “I will not speak for the others.”

“Very well,” Yamamoto spoke. “You and the other Espada may remain in the human realm.”

Nell squealed with happiness as she hugged Ichigo tighter. He allowed her to regain her footing and continued to hug her. She looked at him with her almost tan colored eyes and smiled. “You wait until we get to your home. I’m going to…”

Ichigo covered her mouth and blushed furiously. “Damn it Nell don’t say things like that in public!”

Grimmjow placed his hands on Nell’s hips as he came up behind her. “You can say anything you want to me.”

Grimmjow laughed as he dodged Ichigo’s angry fist. Orihime smiled as Ulquiorra returned to her side. She hugged him tight and he placed a gentle hand on top of her head. She looked up at him, love sparkling in her eyes. “I love you.”

He looked at her for a moment and used his finger tips to lift her chin. She closed her eyes as their lips met and she melted her body against his. She was so happy that he would be staying with her, waking up next to her, caring for her for all the rest of her life.

A sleepy Starrk walked forward rubbing his eyes. “Are you guys done yet because I can’t sleep with all the noise.”

It was silent for a moment, but Orihime and Nell broke it with their laughter. Now she realized, was the right time for it.



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