Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 18

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Chapter 18:
The Final Battle

“Tousen,” Captain Saijin whispered sadly. “No.”

“How could you?!” Shuuhei shouted. “He followed every order you ever gave him!”

“True,” Aizen said smirking. “He was going to die anyway so I put an end to his suffering.”

Shuuhei shook angrily. “You bastard!”

Aizen shrugged slightly. Suddenly, Captain Zaraki was behind him. He moved to slice at Aizen, but he flash stepped away. Then Captain Soi Fon appeared beside him and moved to touch him with Suzumebachi. He grasped the tip and broke it, then unsheathed his sword and stabbed through her stomach.

“Roar Hyourinmaru!”

The ice and water dragon launched itself at Aizen. He sliced his sword through it with ease. Byakuya pressed his sword up against Aizen’s.

“You are scum,” Byakuya said stoically.

Aizen chuckled and looked around. “So all of you will take fight at once?”

“Maybe so you bastard.”Shinji was behind him, katana in hand. ” Did you think that only your sword can control the senses?”

Shinji held out his zanpaktou. “Collapse Sakanade.”

A bright light flashed and Shinji’s katana almost resembled a key as he twirled it around his finger. “Welcome to the Inverted World.”

Aizen looked at him as the man talked to him from an upside down position.

“All of your senses have been inverted,” Shinji explained. “Left is right, up is down, you get the picture.”

Aizen smirked again as Shinji rocketed towards him, upside down. “So this is just all an illusion?” He sliced through Shinji as he moved past him. “You’ll have to do much better than that.”

He sliced him once more and Shinji fell towards the ground. Hiyori looked fearfully at Shinji’s bloodied body. She looked up at Aizen and launched herself at him. “You’re gunna pay asshole!”

Aizen thrust his sword through her stomach also. Punched her three times in the face and pulled his sword away from her as blood pooled in her mouth. She breathed hard, her cheek bone was shattered. “Bastard.”

Aizen flash stepped behind her and sliced her again, this time through the chest. Her eyes widened and he threw her off his sword. She too fell silently to the ground. Shinji looked up just to see that happened.

“Hiyori!” he screamed as she hit with a crash.

Ichigo was behind Aizen and slashed at the back of his head. Nothing happened. “What the?”

“Behind the neck is the biggest blind spot,” Aizen said smiling. “Why would I leave it unprotected?”

He knocked Ichigo back with his spiritual pressure alone. Lisa and Mashiro flew up in front of him.

“Mashiro kick!” Mashiro yelled as she directed her foot towards Aizen.

He grasped her foot, spun her in a circle and released her. She crashed into Lisa, sending them through one of the last walls to be standing in Los Noches.

“This is quite pathetic,” Aizen scoffed. “There are so many of you yet you cannot hit me once?”

Aizen felt a slice in his side. He turned around to see Ulquiorra with his back to him, looking over at his shoulder at his Ex Lord. Aizen gave Ulquiorra a gentle smile. “You were the last one I thought would ever defy me.”

“I have no reason to serve under you any longer,” Ulquiorra said. “but I do have reason for you not to exist.”

“I see,” Aizen responded.

He flash stepped behind Ulquiorra and moved to thrust his sword through his heart. Ulquiorra used his sonido to avoid the attack.

“Seems like you didn’t have much to say to me!”

Aizen looked up to see Grimmjow above him, fists clasped together. Aizen moved slightly and Grimmjow missed completely. He turned over and as he stopped, holding out a hand and shooting his cero. Aizen held up a hand and directed it in a different direction.

“My turn,” he said simply.

With that he began to cut down everyone near him. Soi Fon attempted to fight without her zanpaktou. She directed a kick at his head and he dodged. She then through a few punches and he continued to avoid her. She finally managed to thrust her fist through his chest. She smiled at her accomplishment, but then a hand thrust through her own chest from behind.

She coughed up blood as he snatched his hand back. She turned to see Aizen standing behind her, blood dripping from his fingers. She looked back at the Aizen standing in front of her.

“Damn you,” she said as she crumpled to the ground.

The Aizen behind her moved to the other Aizen. It turned into his sword. He smiled at the group that was against him.

“Bakudo, No.63 Sajō Sabaku”

Bars of kido connected in Aizen’s midsection, renduring him immobile. Kenpachi rushed forward and sliced his back from his the middle of it all the way to the curve of his bottom. Ichigo flew up next to him.

“Getsuga Tenshou!”

His attack barreled towards Aizen, but he flash stepped away. Kensei was in front of him and he elbowed Aizen as hard as he could in the stomach. A little blood pooled in his mouth. He brought his knee up to connect with Kensei’s nose and he grunted painfully. Aizen smiled.

“Do you feel better now that I’ve allowed you to hit me?”

Aizen broke out of the hold with ease. He looked down at Hachi. “A person’s kido is as powerful as the person who wields it.”

He held to fingers up. “Way of Destruction, No.90. Kurohitsugi.”

Black lines began to draw around Hachi and Captain Shunsui since he was standing relatively close to him. The black lines filled to the top turning into a black box. Spikes seemed to come from the box and once the attack dissipated, Shunsui and Hachi were bleeding badly. They both slumped to the floor.

“You are such an ass!” Kenpachi shouted as he brought his sword down behind Aizen and sliced off his head. “Dammit where are you?!”


Kenpachi turned around and Aizen’s hand shot through his stomach. He pulled back and Kenpachi put a hand to his wound. He looked at it before grinning psychopathically. “Now we’re talking.”

Kenpachi attempted to slice Aizen across the chest, but he flash stepped out of the way once more. Ulquiorra was up. He used his Cero, but Aizen deflected it with his blade. Ukitake took advantage of his momentary concentration and pressed his sword through his back, coming out through the other side.

“Not bad for a sickly man such as yourself Ukitake,” he said as he turned and thrust his zanpaktou through the man’s shoulder.

Grimmjow suddenly punched Aizen in the jaw. He smiled like he was crazy. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that. ”

Aizen was suddenly behind him. He sliced Grimmjow diagonally across the chest and kicked him hard in the stomach sending him flying. “I’ve longed to do that also.”

Rose and Love appeared on either side of him and attacked simultaneously. Aizen once again flash stepped and the two hit each other with their attacks. Aizen chuckled as they gasped from the wounds they inflicted on one another.

Orihime stood watching in fear. She realized they were losing. All of them together were losing against Aizen. She knew he was strong, but she didn’t think that he would be able to handle all of them together. If something didn’t happen soon, this battle might just go in Aizen’s favor and he would not hesitate to kill them all.

Orihime racked her brain for some thought of something. She looked at Nell who was latched onto her leg in fear. An idea popped into her mind. She looked at Nell. “I think I can revert you back to your original form.”

“How?” Nell asked looking up at her.

“Sōten Kisshun, I reject.”

The familiar orange glow surrounded Nell. At first nothing happened and Orihime was disappointed, but before her eyes, Nell’s Arancar skull began to piece back together. Once it was intact, a pink cloud burst from her. When it cleared, there stood the former 3rd Espada.

Ulquiorra stood a few feet from Aizen, his skin was bruised and cut from the kido attack Aizen hit him with. Nell looked up and sonidoed in front of Aizen. His eyes widened slightly. “Neliel?”

“Aizen,” she said calmly. “Long time no see.”

“I didn’t know Orihime’s powers extended so far,” he said brushing a strand of hair from his face. “How have you been after all this time?”

“You are a monster,” she spat ignoring his question. ” I knew you had your own goals and intentions, but I never knew the depth of your evil.”

“Yes you did Nell,” he responded smoothly. “You just chose to ignore it. You were in love with me after all.”

Nell’s eyes widened when he said that. “How dare you.”

Aizen smiled lazily at her. “Did I hit a nerve Neliel? I used to quite a bit back when you were in Hueco Mundo.”

“You will pay,” she said gritting her teeth. “but not for what you said. You will pay for hurting Ichigo and his friends.”

“Oh?” Aizen retorted. “What could you do that the others possibly could not?”

“I suppose you’ll have to wait and see ‘Lord Aizen’.”

Nell swung her blade towards Aizen’s face.



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