Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 14

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Chapter 14:
Else Where

Toshiro Hitsugaya slid backwards. He breathed heavily as he looked at Harribel glowering at him.

“This is a captains strength?” She scoffed. “I will put an end to this nonsense.”

Hitsugaya flew towards her at top speed. His eyes widened as she leaned back on her heel, her sword pointed towards him.

“Projectile Azule,” she said fiercely.

He stopped in his tracks as her sword was detached from its hilt and rocketed towards him. It slammed into him full force, him not having anywhere to move in such short time. He smashed into the ground painfully. He quickly stood once he was able and looked up at her, his trademark frown on his face.

“I’ll never understand how you soul reapers have defeated other Espada. This is the end of the line for you captain.”

Harribel pointed her sword which had returned to how it looked before, towards the ground below her. “Attack Tiburon.”

A large force of spiritual pressure surrounded her, making a giant heart. Toshiro watched in amazement. It circled around her and began to spin rapidly, becoming more oval the faster it went. When it opened, her bone that was over her mouth was gone and she now had a on an even smaller outfit made of bone. Her skirt was extremely short and she had bone that covered her chest slightly like before. A large sword that hung past her feet was in her hand.

“Shit,” Toshiro whispered to himself. “That’s her resurreccion. She doesn’t look much different, but I’m not going to underestimate her.”

Before he even got a change to move, he had been sliced and the right half of Hyourinmaru was shattered. “What the…”

“You are no match for me,” she stated coldly. “One blow from the shark and the ice dragon sinks into the sea.”

She looked off into the distance as Toshiro fell once again. She knew that her Fraccion probably had already been destroyed. She was aware of Nnoitra, Szayel, Aaroniero, Zommari and Barragan’s defeat. That left four Espada excluding herself, but that she knew two were now traitors. Only Starrk and Yammy remained out of the Espada and she definitely wouldn’t put her money on Starrk. Things were looking bad, but it didn’t matter. Lord Aizen would fix everything just like he had done before.

“I’ll make them all pay,” she said softly.

Suddenly Toshiro rose and attempted to slash her with his Zanpaktou. She blocked it with her sword and sliced at him also. He dodged which caught her off guard.

“I made sure to be prepared for anything,” Captain Hitsugaya explained. He got in position. “I only can use this once so I wanted to hold off. Because I use an ice- based Zanpaktou, all water is my weapon…including yours.”

“Hmph,” Harribel retorted. “That will never be enough to defeat me.” She motioned to him with her hand. “Come.”

“You need to stop underestimating us!” Toshiro shouted as he sent his ice dragon towards the 3rd espada.

“Burning current,” she said as she held up her sword.

Her attack blasted straight through Captain Hitsugaya’s. He looked at her shocked.

“You forgotten that your theory of using my weapon because it is water-based can work both ways.” Harribel sliced her Zanpaktou downwards. “Cutting waterfall.”

Toshiro looked up at her as her attack towered over him. “I do not need you to lecture me. Guncho Tsubara!”

He broke through the ice and launched himself at her. She stood her ground looking at him with those frozen eyes.

“You don’t realize that any attack will have the same result,” she said as she raised the hilt of her sword once more. “Hirviendo.”

Toshiro flash stepped behind her, ice shards still clinging to him. He swung down hard and crescent shaped ice hurtled towards her. She easily smashed through it.

“I suppose I should thank you for your lecture,” Toshiro said as they stood staring at each other. “One faces the most danger during their best attack.”

He went for her again and she pointed her large sword at him. “La Gota.”

A thick spear shaped projectile flew from it, almost the shape of the sword it came from. Toshiro dodged it. Harribel moved towards him. She moved her sword across the front of her.


A large blast expelled from her. Toshiro managed to survive it and Harribel looked at him, the expression on her face never changing. “You’re waiting for the battle field to be filled with condensation so you can finish me with one blow.”

Toshiro sighed. The half of Hyourinmaru that had been cut was fixing itself. “I’ve never tried this in bankai mode.”

“What are you talking about,” Harribel asked.

“You see,” Toshiro started. “I don’t need to wait on water. My zanpaktou is the most powerful of ice-based attacks as I’ve told you. All water is my weapon.”

He brought his sword down. “Tenso Jurin is one of Hyourinmaru’s basic and strongest attacks. My power hasn’t reached its full ability yet and that is why I hadn’t tried this yet in bankai state. I don’t know if I can even control it.”

He brought his eyes up to meet hers. “What is your name?

“3rd Espada, Tia Harribel,” she responded.

“I am Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya of the 10th division,” he said before launching himself higher into the air. “Be ready. Hyokten Hyakkaso.”

Harribel’s eyes widened as she watched a large opening come from the sky with what looked like a rainfall of snow coming from it. She raised her sword quickly. “Hiro…”

He sentence was cut off when she saw ice sprouting on her weapon. She felt a strange sensation and looked down at her body, which was also starting to cover in ice. “What the hell?!”

“Who ever touches the snow is instantly frozen into a flower,” Toshiro said as he glanced at her. “When the hundredth petal falls, you will die.”

Harribel’s body became engulfed in the frozen petals. Toshiro relaxed for a moment, relishing in the fact that the battle was over.


Lord Aizen watched Harribel frozen inside Captain Hitsugaya’s attack. Gin stood over his shoulder while Tousen stood near the door.

“My, she doesn’t seem to be fairing very well does she?” he inquired with is strange smile.

Aizen leaned his head into his hand. “No she doesn’t. She isn’t as strong as I believed she was. Shes getting beat by a mere child.”

Gin leaned down next to Aizen. “Can’t have that can we?”

Aizen stood and looked at him smiling warmly. “No we cannot. Weakness will not be tolerated.”


Suddenly Toshiro felt an immense spiritual pressure. He turned to see who it was and his eyes narrowed.


Just as he spoke the word, Harribel broke free of her confinement. Aizen was on her in a second. He slashed her across her stomach. She looked at him dumbfounded.


“I have no need for you anymore,” he spoke calmly.

Harribel’s eyes turned to slits. “You bastard.”

“After all the trouble I went to find and create you Espada, all of you together are still no match for me.”

Harribel’s eyes turned to slits. She thrust her sword through his shoulder. “You bastard.”

“What a pain you are,” he said smoothly. “I will never allow you to raise your weapon against me again.”

Harribel’s face turned to one of a deer caught in headlights. He carved through her again and this time she was finished. He turned and looked at Toshiro and smiled.

“Good job,” he said. “You were more powerful than the 3rd espada.”

Toshiro moved to attack him without responding, but he flashed away.

“Come back!” Toshiro screamed.

It was now silent around him. He could feel the spiritual pressures of others fluctuating. He knew they were on a winning streak, but that didn’t make him feel at ease. He now understood what kind of monster they were up against. He killed his own without a second thought. Toshiro had always heard about it, but to witness it first hand was sickening. This would be no easy battle. It was still one that had to happen though. He headed towards the feel of the other captains.



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