Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 13

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Chapter 13
Day Thirty-Five (Part 3)

Ulquiorra winced inwardly at the amazing pain that was coursing through his entire body. Starrk stood over him, gun cocked inches from his face. Ulquiorra slowly got to his feet. He concentrated and a few second later, his arm regenerated itself. The rest of his body did not restore. He was only able to regenerate a limb that had been removed. Anything concerning his insides could not be fixed. The gun stayed angled at his face.

Orihime couldn’t take it anymore. She ran out to the battle. Ichigo screamed for her to come back running after her. She stood between Starrk’s gun and Uqlquiorra with her hands raised, signaling for Starrk to go no further. Ulquiorra looked down at her back.

“Orihime move.”

“Please don’t kill him,” she said softly to Starrk. “Please, I can’t live without him.”

“I do not need you to beg for my life,” Ulquiorra said sharply. “If I am destined to die at his hands, then I will.”

“No!” Orihime cried. “I can’t accept that! I need you with me Ulquiorra!”

He remained silent before turning to Ichigo who was near them. “Take her to safety.”

“Starrk please!” Orihime pleaded as Ichigo’s arms wrapped around her. “He’s my everything. He is what kept me smiling during my time here. He is why my heart now believes in salvation. It’s for him and him only. I love my friends also and I don’t want to see them hurt, but if Ulquiorra dies…I’ll have no reason to live! Despite my friends I’ll be alone!”

Starrk blinked and lowered his gun slightly. “You…would give your life for him?”

“Yes!” she said fiercely as she struggled against Ichigo. “and my friends too! They would do the same for me! We all love each other , but my love for Ulquiorra runs even deeper than the love for my friends.”

“Friends,” he said softly. “I…have always been alone.”

“You don’t have to be Starrk,” she said softly.

Ichigo released Orihime and stood back. He gave Ulquiorra a look which he seemingly understood because he did not speak. Starrk lowered his guns completely.

“I don’t?”

“No,” she continued taking a step towards him. “I would be your friend. I would be that someone you can count on no matter what and you could meet more people who would be just like me. People who would care about you Starrk.”

“I want that,” he whispered stepping towards her. “How can I obtain your friendship and others as well?”

“You can start by being on our side,” she said.

“What about Lord Aizen?”

“He will be defeated. You can trust that,” Orihime said confidently. She stretched out her arms. “What do you say Starrk?”

He was still for a moment. He seemed to be contemplating what she said. He suddenly rushed forward, dropped his guns at his side, and hugged her tightly.

“All I ever wanted was not to be alone,” he said brokenly.

Orihime wrapped her arms around his shoulders protectively. She smoothed her hand through his hair gently. She could feel warm tears staining her shirt and hear the soft sound of his hitched sobs. The poor thing. She meant every word of what she said. She would be there for Starrk. He was abandoning what he had known and putting himself on the line for the words she had spoken and she would not let him down.

“You never will be again,” she said quietly with a caring smile on her face.


After that, Starrk had laid back down on the steps, Lilynette next to him. He said that he would come to them once the battle was over. Right now he just wanted to nap. Orihime had giggled at how lazy he was. When they went to walk away, Starrk had said,”Goodbye friends” with such eagerness it made Orihime’s heart warm.

She had healed Ulquiorra before moving. Once he was better, he grasped her elbows and pulled her tightly to him. He asked her just what did she think she was doing back there and that she was way out of line. Orihime argued that she simply did not want him to die. As she continued her explanation, he placed his mouth over hers, silencing her. He told her that he felt the same. That he did not want her in harms way and that he would gladly sacrifice his life for hers.

She was so overwhelmed that she began to cry also. Starrk was immediate at her side asking was she okay. He had given Ulquiorra the most evil glare she had ever seen. She feared he would kill him anyway for making her cry. She quickly explained to him that she was happy Ulquiorra felt the way he did and that’s what brought on her tears.

They were now inside Los Noches running. They reached a large white room. Almost like a throne room. As Orihime looked around, she realized this was the room she was in when she first arrived. Espada 7 Zommari was waiting for them.

“How dare you defy Lord Aizen!” his voice boomed. “You will all pay with your lives! I will see to it.”

“Is that so?”

They turned and saw Captain Byakuya Kuchicki standing there in all his graceful glory.

“Byakuya,” Ichigo spoke.

Byakuya did not respond to him. He moved forward in front of them and looked over at Zommari. He scoffed as he looked down at him.

“So you are my first kill?”

“Unfortunately no,” Byakuya said smoothly. “I will destroy you so you will not have the option of killing anyone.”

“What is your name Shinigami?” Zommari questioned.

Byakuya didn’t respond to his question either.

“I can see that you are a Captain, ” Zommari continued. “I am Espada Number 7 Zommari Leroux. Now tell me your name.”

“I see no reason to tell you my name,” he responded. “We are merely enemies, nothing more.”

“I see,” Zommari said as he took a step forward.

He unsheathed his sword. Byakuya flash stepped behind him, but Zommari returned the gesture and flashed. They clashed swords a few times before it was noticed that there was a second Zommari.

“My sonido is the fastest among the Espada,” he explained. “By adding a few extra steps, I can create a clone of myself. Its almost like a magic trick. Magic tricks are meant to surprise so don’t be ashamed if you couldn’t follow what I was doing and were scared because of it.”

“You’re the one who should be ashamed,” Byakuya scoffed. “You have shown me your trick way too early.”

Byakuya flashed in front of one of the Zommari’s and slashed him across the shoulder. The other used his sonido to appear behind him, but Byakuya sliced him too. Zommari chuckled slightly.

“I am not limited to making only a few clones.”

“I thought as much,” the captain responded. A white light pierced through Zommari’s chest. “Wave of Destruction Number 4: White Lightning.”

He felt back slightly, but regained his balance.

“You are an arrogant one, Espada,” Byakuya said icily. “You won’t die because of it. You will die because of the gap in our powers.”

Zommari went on to explain how he was not being arrogant, but Byakuya countered it saying that him believing that they were on the same level was being arrogant.

“I see,” Zommari replied. He released his fingers that were on his sword one by one until it was floating under his hand. He leaned his head to the side, continuing to turn it even after it reached a usual person’s limitation of motion. “Quash Brujería.”

The sword seemed to fold itself and released a white powder substance that turned into what looked like paste. It began to glow a light purple. When it cleared, Zommari was shaped strangely and cover with eyes.

“It seems you are unable to comprehend the reason why it has already happened.”

Byakuya looked down at his leg. It had a strange marking going over it.

“You left leg is mine to control,” Zommari said looking over at him.

“What is this?”

“Brujería can take the sovereignty from whatever it lays its eyes on. I call it Amor.” Zommari motioned for Byakuya to come closer. “Come here left leg.”

Everyone watched in amazement as Byakuya’s leg indeed began to move forward. Byakuya quickly sliced through it without a second thought.

“Oh?” Zommari said raising an eyebrow at Byakuya. “Separating the nerves from the muscles will definitely keep me from using it Its astounding how quickly you’re ready to sacrafice your own leg.”

Another one of Zommari’s eyes lit up, the pupil becoming larger. Byakuya’s hand now had the same marking as his leg. He watched as his own hand tried to attack him before slicing it also.

“Get back,” Byakuya ordered, speaking to the group behind him.

Orihime pulled Ulquiorra farther back with her and Ichigo followed with Nell slung in his right arm. Grimmjow backed up, but did not take his eyes off the fight. He was panting crazily as if the fight was sort of turn on. Orihime placed a shield up to protect them. She remembered how Ichigo described this Captain’s Bankai. It was beautiful, but extremely deadly.

“Senbonzakura, “he said as his sword slid through the floor.

Larger swords rose up around Zommari and Byakuya They began to glow pink before scattering into small Cherry Blossom leaves. Zommari looked around as the petals danced around him. He was obviously not impressed.

“What pathetic-” he started. Zommari’s eyes all widened their pupils. Some even appeared in the skull that was around his neck. “I’ll steal the sovereignty from all of them!”

His eyes began to glow once more.

“Surrender,” Byakuya’s voice resonated. “You’re eyes can only control one object correct? You have fifty eyes so how will you steal the sovereignty of one hundred million blades?”

The entire room was soon engulfed with Byakuya’s attack. Once the smoke cleared, it was in ruins. Zommari stood panting. All his eyes were bloodied and non seeing accept the once on his face. Byakuya’s blades collected back into his Zanpaktou.

“Damn you!” Zommari shouted over and over. This isn’t the end!”

More eyes opened along is forehead and the symbol that had been Byakuya’s arm and leg flew at him, but much larger this time. Byakuya erected a shield using Kido and the symbol stuck to it like a sticker.

“Take my love!” Zommari screamed as he tried again and again to hit Byakuya.

He flashed behind the Espada, his sword raised to the side of his face. “You’re impudence is what has become your downfall.”

“What gives you the right to kill us hollows?” Zommari questioned exasperated turning around to face him. “Who has given you such an order?! You think you offer justice, but you’re wrong!”

Byakuya flashed behind him again.” I am not killing you as a Shinigami.”

A large cut from Zommari’s shoulder to his hip began to bleed. Zommari began to cheer for Lord Aizen before vanishing into the air. Byakuya turned to the group.

“Go,” he commanded.

They immediately moved to go to the next part of the castle. Orihime was going to offer to heal him, but she knew better than to do that. His pride would get in the way and he would take it wrong.

“Dammit,” Grimmjow growled. ” I hope I get to kick someone’s ass next time.”

“Well there is one espada and three ex shinigami left,” Ichigo said as they moved deeper into Los Noches.



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