Bleach – Fanfiction – Ulquiorra x Orihime – Perception Of Passion – DarkSacredJewelXoX – Part 12

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Title:   Perception Of Passion
By:    DarkSacredJewelXoX
Anime:   Bleach
Pairing:   Ulquiorra x Orihime
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Chapter 12:
Day Thirt Five(Part 2)

Ulquiorra and Orihime rejoined ichigo, Grimmjow and Nell. Grimmjow and Ichigo were both covered in blood, but they wore smiles on their faces. They were getting ready to clash again despite the condition they were in.

“Guys come on we need to go,” Orhime called.

Grimmjow’s eyes raked hungrily over Orihime’s legs. She decided to keep her uniform. It was much more comfortable than that still Arancar outfit, plus it let her breathe. Good thing Ulquiorra had underwear for her,too… after their sexual escapade. If she didn’t she would have probably stayed in the uniform. No need to give unwanted peek shows to willing viewers. Ulquiorra noticed Grimmjow’s gaze.

“What is it Grimmjow?” he asked locking his dull eyes on his fellow arancar.

Grimmjow shook his head. “Nothin’ number 4. Orihime, heal us so we can go kick these other assholes…ass.”

“You’re so articulate,” Ichigo joked.

“Hey shut the hell up!” Grimmjow snapped getting ready to launch himself at Ichigo again.

He stopped himself when Nell jumped into his arms. Ichigo caught her like he always did. She began to babble about how he beat up the “blueberry” Espada. Grimmjow growled irritably at her.

“What took you guys so long?” she asked innocently turning to look at Orihime and Ulquiorra. “Nell was worried cause you were gone for almost ever.”

Orihime’s cheeks flared pink. There was no way she could tell a child what her and Ulquiorra had been up to. Grimmjow smiled widely, obviously realizing what they did.

“Was it good?” Grimmjow asked Ulquiorra raising his eyebrows.

“Was what good?” Ichigo questioned, confusion written across his face.

Ulquiorra raised a finger and his green spiritual pressure blast from his finger. Grimmjow only got half of his body out of the way in time.

“I was just joking damn it Ulquiorra!”

‘It is not your concern what I do with my woman,” he responded as he lower his hand.

“Was what good?” Ichigo persisted. He stopped and thought for a moment and his face turned red. “Orihime you…and Ulquiorra…”

Ichigo made a circle with his right hand and moved two fingers of his left hand through it. Orihime realized what he was insiuating and she blushed harder before nodding.

“Wow,” he said gently. “I always thought you were too good for that.”

“What are you saying?” Ulquiorra asked, tossing his deadly gaze at Ichigo.

He raised his hands in surrender. “I just mean she seemed like that was something she would never do.”

Orhime didn’t respond. She stepped forward and raised her hands. “Sōten Kisshun, I reject.”

The familiar orange glow began to shine. Nell hopped down to allow their healing to take place. As always, their inuries reversed themselves as if they never happened. Once she was finished, Ichigo stretched and looked over towards the west where the front of Los Noches was.

“I can sense some captains spiritual pressure,” he inquired. “Let’s go.”


Once they were there, they encountered Captain Unohana was there with her vice captain Isane. Ichigo was the first to realize that Rukia and Chad were with them. He rushed over to Rukia and gathered her into a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” he murmured. “You too, Chad.”

Chad was still being healed so he simply nodded. A large smile broke over Orihime’s face at the sight of her friends. She ran over to Chad and hugged his braud shoulders.

“Glad you’re okay Orihime,” he said in his deep voice.

“It’s so great to see you again,” she whispered as she brushed his dark hair out of his eyes. “I wasn’t sure if I would see any of you again…”

“Orihime!” Rukia called, a smile bright on her face. “I’ve missed you!”

Orihime moved over to Rukia and hugged her along with Ichigo. “I’ve missed you too. So much.”

Her voice broke off slightly with emotion. Ulquiorra was immediately at her side. “Why are you upset?”

“I’m not,” she said as tears flowed gently down her cheeks. “I’m happy.”

“So humans cry not only when they are sad?” Ulquiorra questioned. “Very emotional.”

Rukia’s eyes widened when she realized that Grimmjow and Ulquiorra were standing the midst of them. Captain Unohana and Isane were already moving into the defensive.

“No guys!” Orhime said quickly. “They want to help defeat Aizen.”

Rukia was not convinced as she held Sode No Shirayuki towards them. “How do you know this?”

“She knows because I will do anything she asks of me,” Ulquiorra responded grasping her waist.

“And I don’t give to fucks about Aizen,” Grimmjow said placing his arms casually behind his head. “I just wanna fight Ichigo.”

They still looked skeptical.

“Please just trust us,” Ichigo said. “We wouldn’t allow them to come along if it was a bad idea. On top of that, Grimmjow had an opportunity to kill me and he didn’t.”

“Well I can’t fight you if your dead,” Grimmjow joked, punching Ichigo in the shoulder.

“Hey!” Ichigo shouted as he released Rukia and Orihime.

“Now is not the time,” Captain Unahona said. She pointed in the direction of Los Noches. “Captain Kurotsuchi battled with Espada 8 and defeated him. He is currently treating your friends for the poison they encountered. Captain Soi Fon as defeated Espada 2 with the help of Hachi, the vizard.”

“They’re here?” Ichigo asked incredulously.

“Of course,” she responded. “It was Aizen’s fault they ended up the way they were.”

Ichigo nodded solemnly in agreement. He turned and looked at Grimmjow. “Who does that leave?”

“Let’s see,” Grimmjow started. “So far Espada 2, 5,7, 8, and 9 have been defeated. That leaves 3 excluded me and Ulquiorra. That would be Starrk, Harribel, and that fat fuck Yammy.”

“Do not forget Aizen, Gin, and Tousen,” Ulquiorra inquired.

“True so that’s six although,” Ichigo said. “I can feel them. We’re needed.”


After convincing Rukia she was too injured to try to battle they left. As they reached the gates of Los Noches when they were met by Espada number 3 Harribel. her jacket was zipped up to the middle of her face. She looked over ath Ulquiorra and Grimmjow.

“You traitors,” she spat coldly. “Lord Aizen will have your head.”

“Tch,” Grimmjow scoffed. “He can try.”

“Such strong words for Espada number 6.”

“Shut up!” Grimmjow shouted. “You’re only number 3 because you distract people with your damn tits!”

Harribel’s face darkened. “You weren’t complaining.”

Grimmjow smiled lazily. “Not to you anyway.”

Harribel charged him head on. Ichigo knocked her backwards out of the way. She looked at him angrily. “Don’t jump into this substitute soul reaper,” she spat.

This was going to be an intensive battle. Harribel once again moved towards Grimmjow.

“Reign over the frosted heavens Hyourinmaru.”

An ice dragon swooped between them. Harribel barely dodged. She looked at Captain Hitsugaya. “You are a captain.”

“That’s right,” he responded. “Captain Toushirou Hitsugaya of squad 10.”

Harribel remained quiet for a moment before unzipping her jacket and letting it fall away. Grimmjow tried his hardest not to stare. Her chest was merely covered by slits of bone that covered her nipples. Ichigo’s face turned beat red and he turned his face.

“I don’t know what you are doing with Espada,” Captain Hitsugaya said turning to Ichigo. “but you’ve never let us down before. You go on. I’ll handle her.”

“You think you can defeat me so easily?” Harribel questioned.

“I didn’t say that so you must be assuming what you believe will happen,” he responded smoothly.

“Hm,” she said quietly. “We will see.”


Orihime, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Ichigo and Nell reached the castle gates. An Espada was sitting on the steps leaned against one of its large pillars. His eyes were closed and another Arancar was next to him. She simply stared out into the desert while he slept. Her eyes came across their group and she jumped up.

“Starrk!” she shouted in his ear. “Wake up!”

“Argh,” Starrk grumbled angrily. “Do you have to be so loud Lilynette?”

“Yes,” she said excitedly. “They intruders, traitors and Lord Aizen’s pet are here.”

“She is not Aizen’s pet,” Ulquiorra said strongly.

Starrk did not respond. He stood up and stretched. He yawned before turning towards them. He Espada looked utterly bored…or slothful. Orihime was thinking along the latter. It seemed as if he had no interest in fighting.

“Is it possible that we don’t have to battle?” he asked answering Orihime’s thought.

“Are you going to let us by?” Ichigo questioned, reaching a hand back to touch his sword.

“Can’t do that,” Starrk replied simply.

“Well then we have no choice, but to fight you,” Ulquiorra said.

He motioned for Orihime to move away from them. She quickly grasped Nell and placed a shield in front of them for protection. Ichigo unsheathed his Zanpaktou.

“Do not interfere,” Ulquiorra said stoically before attaching Starrk.

They battled fiercely and even during that, Starrk looked uninterested. Ulquiorra pulled back. His shirt was torn up and bruises were along his body. Starrk had a few scratches, but nothing more. Ulquiorra unsheathed his sword. Starrk looked over at Lilynette who had been on the side lines until now.

“Come here,” he said. She immediately did. “She is a part of me and when we become one, our power will be unleashed. Nothing personal, but I have to get this over with.”

He placed a hand on top of Lilynette’s head and a bright light flashed. Starrk was now standing alone with pistols in both his hands.

“Oh shit,” Grimmjow muttered.

Ulquiorra made no response, but flashed behind Starrk. He thrust his hand through he stomach causing Starrk to spit out blood.

“Not bad,” Starrk commented. “but not good enough.”

Starrk pulled himself off Ulquiorra’s hand, turned around and started firing his guns. Ulquiorra dodged most of them, but then one caught him in the stomach, arm, right leg, and left arm taking it clean off his body.

“Ulquiorra!” Orihime cried out.

He fell to the ground, his wounds bleed profusely.



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Nevermind, I see you put that I wrote it. You may keep it if you like and delete the other comment. I wish you would have asked first before taking my work though.


Sorry about that, I just thought the story was fantastic, and that’s why I published it.
Onece again, I’m really sorry!


This is a good story but without all sex and stuff I like it I always wanted Ulqiuorra to be a good guy and now Grimmjow is a good guy too this story gets better and better

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