Rosario + Vampire Character: Moka Akashiya

Posted on: July 24, 2010

Moka Akashiya is a student at the youkai academy.

Her true form is a vampire, but she is wearing a rosario which makes her look like a cute human girl.

Always when Tsukune is taking her rosario off, the scary vampire Moka comes.

Moka has a bit problems, because she lived by the humans when she was younger, and then  they didn’t accept her. Even though she was wearing her Rosario.  That made her very sad.

But it became a bit better when she met Tsukune, and figured out that he was a human. Then she figured out that not all the humans are stupid.

Moka has also a younger sister, Kokoa. But Kokoa hates  the kind Moka, and she is always trying to kill her. Because she misses her strong vampire sister.

Moka is also in love with Tsukune, and Tsukune also with her, but they never have the chance  to kiss each other, because of the other girls:  Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore.

The human Moka has long pink hair, green eyes, and is most of the time wearing her school-uniform. The school-uniform is a white shirt, with a green coat on it. On the coat are white lines. And her skirt is brown with many light brown lines. Her socks are dark blue knee socks, and her shoes are as well dark blue. And of course she is wearing her Rosario ^-^ .

She bites always with a capu~chuu >w<

The vampire Moka, is kinda scary, but also very cool and strong.

She has long silver hair, red eyes, and is wearing the same clothes as the other Moka.

But she is NOT wearing her rosario.

And her voice is colder, and she isn’t biting Tsukune with a capu~chuu, and she isn’t biting him that much like the other Moka.

Voice is by Nana Mizuki



(btw, for those who care about it, I’m cosplaying her >w< ^-^ )


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