Rosario + Vampire Episode 9: Summer Vacation + Vampire

Posted on: July 19, 2010


In this episode they from the newspaper Club (Moka, Tsukune, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore, but except of Ginei, because he had to study) are going on a vacation to the human world.

Every one were excited and couldn’t wait until they were  there. And Tsukune thought that Moka really looked cute in her clothes.


Tsukune was a bit chocked when he heard that they’ll go to the human world and Moka was a bit worried, because she only had bad memories of the human world, and she didn’t want them to be recalled.


But when they came to the human world, Tsukune shouted loud: “I’m back!” And Kurumu said that he said it like if he were a human. But Moka helped him, and said that it was because he has lived in the human world for a while.


When they arrived, they were on a beach and played beach-volleyball, and then Moka fell, and got sand in her swimsuit.

And then Kurumu was close again to think that Tsukune is a human. Because he wasn’t afraid for the human world.


The kids played more and had fun.

And when Tsukune and Moka were by the sea, they were really close again to kiss each other, but they couldn’t because Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore stopped them (like always).

And then they wanted to go swimming, but Tsukune didn’t want to go without Moka. Then they were close again to kiss each other, but then Kurumu stopped them again, because she thought that Moka would bite Tsukune.

When they looked up, they saw a big sunflower-field on the rock, and they wanted to see it, so they went up and saw many beautiful sunflowers. But they didn’t notice those purple eyes in the flowers, did they?

There were also some other kids walking, and they talked about  some rumors there. They said that many had disappeared and that there were witches in the field who made the people disappear.

Ruby, the witch, saw it when Yukari let a bottle fall on Kurumu, and saw that Yukari was a witch. And she went to report it to her master. They wanted Yukari to become one of those.

And Yukari became a bit sad, because she wanted to help everyone, but no one accepted her help, and said that she was too little.


So then Yukari went away from the others, and then met Ruby. Ruby said that she hates human, because they want to destroy the sunflower field.


And when Tsukune searched for Yukari, Ruby attacked him with some big, human-eating flowers.

Yukari said to stop, but then did also Yukari become attacked. But Yukari shooted some cards at the plants, and saved Tsukune and herself.

And then Moka, Kurumu and Mizore came. And then Moka and Tsukune were close to kiss each other again, but of course they became stopped by something. But this time it was Ruby with her plants.


Ruby wanted to take Yukari back, and Moka screamed “No!” and turned to her vampire self, even though she wore her rosario.  The girls al became angry and began to fight Ruby.

This is the end of the episode, but part 2 will come in episode 10 ^-^




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