Rosario + Vampire Episode 8: Math + Vampire

Posted on: July 18, 2010

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In the school  is a new and hot math teacher, and every guy notices her in school.

Tsukune isn’t so good in math, so she said if he won’t become better, he has to return the year, and that didn’t he want, so he asked Moka for help, but of course heard the other girls about it, and also wanted to help Tsukune. So they began to study in a group.

It helped Tsukune abit, he learnt by looking at Moka’s notices.  But then Ririko-sensei came, and said that it isn’t good to study in a group, and that she would teach Tsukune alone.

But when Tsukune came to the teacher, she did wear a strange and weird outfit, and hit Tsukune.

The next day, Tsukune was like “gone” he just said matematic formels the whole day, and didn’t notice the others.  And he was with Ririko the whole time.

The time flows until the exams, and Tsukune still is with Ririko the whole time. And he’s ignoring the others.

But while studying with Ririko, he suddenly says Moka-san. But then Ririko hit him, and began riding him and do stuff like that which made him scream.

Moka heard it and ran to Tsukune for helping him.  Then Ririko showed her true face: a lamian, someone with a  human upper body, and a snakes lower body.

But then Mizore came as well for helping Tsukune, and then Moka dropped her books when Ririko attacked her, and when Tsukune read the text: “let’s work hard together, ❤ Tsukune! from Moka” he finally “came back”. And could pull off Moka’s rosario.

And the match took only 31 seconds. ^-^

And Tsukune fixed the exams. ^^




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