Rosario + Vampire Episode 7: Yuki-onna + Vampire

Posted on: July 17, 2010

In this episode the girl Mizore Shirayuki finally appears. ^^

Well, it begins with that the members from newspaper club are handing  out their newspapers to the students. And Mizore saw then Tsukune, and begins stalking him.

Mizore isn’t like the other students, she isn’t wearing a uniform, and her hair is growing wild, and she always has a lollipop in her mouth.

Mizore just wanted Tsukune for herself, so she attacked Moka, and said that Tsukune at least will be hers.

Then she froze Tsukune in ice, because then he always will belong to her. But thank godness Kurumu saved Moka and flew her to Tsukune, and then Moka could help Tsukune, and Tsukune could talk with Mizora.

But that made Mizore very sad, so she froze a teacher who wanted to talk with her to ice.

Later Tsukune tries to find Mizore, and found her, and talked with her.

And then Moka and the others came and showed Tsukune some photos from Ginei, and on the photos did they see that it wasn’t Mizore who froze the teacher to ice, that it was another person who made mizore do that.

But then Mizore got depressed  again and fell from the rock, but Tsukune took her hand and saved her.

But Mizore’s sadness made some figures which were attacking Moka and the others, but then Tsukune took off Moka’s rosario  and she could fight them.  But she only needed to look at them for destroying them.

Mizore gave up after one more talk, and  Nazo, the bat, sait that the complete battle took 86 seconds~chuu. ^^

After that, Mizore became friends with the others.




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