Code Geass – Character – Cecile Croomy

Posted on: May 26, 2010


Cecile Croomy


Military Officer
Knightmare Pilot



Skin Tone:


Kikuko Inoue  (Japanses)
Deborah Sale Butler  (English)

Cecile is Lloyd’s subordinate in Camelot and one of Lancelot’s developers. She is a capable scientist in her own right, seeing as she designed the energy wing system used on the Guren Seiten and the Lancelot Albion. She also created the Guren Element.

She is a kind-hearted women and a good friend to Suzaku who often helps him with homework. She also acts as Lloyd’s conscience, not hesitating to scold him or physically punish him for his unintentional rude remarks or for treating Suzaku as a ‘part.’

As Ashford’s open festival she was playing a whacking only hitting the ones that looked like Lloyd. When the mob formed around Euphie she was one of the first soldiers to try and get rid of the mob that had formed.

She is a very good knightmare pilot seeing as she single-handily kept the Black Knights at Ashford during the Black Rebellion using a modified Sutherland with equipment form the Lancelot.

In the second season, her role was the same as in the first season but she was in the fight a little more. She also helped to find a counter for the F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead, and helped to free the hostages.



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