New Anime: Rosario+Vampire

Posted on: May 16, 2010

Rosario+Vampire is an anime about a human boy, Tsukune, who starts at a school for monsters.  At the school are only monters who are dressed up as humen, so no one know that Tsukune is a human.

At the school is also a girl with long pink hair, Moka and she is a vampire. She wears a Rosario (a necklace with a cors and a red stone) which makes Moka look like a cute and kind human girl. Because of her real her is a dangerous vampire with long white/silver hair and red eyes.

The rosario was planned to help Moka when she was at a school for human, it should give her friends, but it didn’t, so Moka began at the school for monsters.

At the school are of course even more girls, and they are all in love with Tsukune.

Moka and the girls were kinda enemies at the beginning, but after they became friends, but not 100% because of Tsukune.

Moka likes to drink Tsukunes blood :3

At ca. every episode does Moka fight toward other monster, but her “human Moka” is weak.. And she can’t take her Rosario of, so Tsukune must do it, and he is the only one who can do it.

Rosario+Vampire is good, but kinda perverted X3 But it is very funny ^^

So I can say: watch Rosario+Vampire! xD

Enjoy! ^-^




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