Code Geass R1 – Episode 12 – The Messenger From Kyoto

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Code Geass R1 – Episode 12:
The Messenger From Kyoto



In this episode, we see a round table type of meeting with the officials who run area 11. One of the politicians commented that the last battle was a success, to which Cornelia retorted that he must be sarcastic, because they can barely pull their forces together after the battle.


The Battle of Narita brought them to their very next topic, which is the cleaningo of the ghettos. Cornelia claimed that terrorists hideout in the ghettos and they need to be cleaned up, but the politican said that they don’t have the money.


Darlton mentioned that there is a group of Elevens who secretly run Japan called the NAC. The politician said that numbers should take care of their own kind. Cornelia, frustrated with the situation, calls him incompetent.


At the same time, the Elevens have their own meeting, sitting around a fire. Amongst them were Kirihara and Kaguya, two leaders of the Six Houses of Kyoto.


The Japanese Liberation Front has collapsed, but Tohdoh is still alive. They still question Tohdoh’s abilities, however. To which Kaguya mentioned that the is still one hope left, the Black Knights.


Back at school, Shirley was daydreaming about Lelouch as usual. Milly asked why she was zoning out and sighing, and Shirley mentioned that both Lelouch and Kallen are gone at the same time. Milly, with her dirty mind, once again makes fun of Shirley, and she becomes embarassed. At this point, Lelouch came into the room and took the year with Shirley’s letter in it without realizing it.


Seconds later, Shirley noticed that her letter was missing, and hurried over to Lelouch. That is when she decided to formally hand him the letter, which was an invitation to a concert. CC watched the whole thing and once again talked to herself. After giving Lelouch the letter, Shirley ran away while giggling.


In the Black Knights meeting, Ohgi hands Zero a letter, saying that Kyoto is requesting that they meet up. They need financing from Kyoto because of their budget, which was used up mostly by Tamaki, because he used it to show off to new recruits. Kallen said she knows where the money has been going and Tamaki became embarassed.

Zero said that Tamaki must earn his trust, to which Tamaki replied that he cannot trust someone who wears a mask. Kallen defends him, saying that he doesn’t need to reveal his identity. It is pretty clear at this point that Kallen has a thing for Zero, as is shown by her instant jealousy of CC in the last episode, but she’ll never admit it.


In the next scene, we see Nina doing something to Euphemia’s picture. Nunnally came into the room, but she can’t see so Nina quickly fixes her skirt and said don’t worry about her.


After coming home from a long day of work, Nunnally said that she misses him and he’s not spending time with her to do other things. Lelouch, feeling guilty, replied that he’s always going to be at her side.


The next day, Lelouch asks CC for a favor. CC says she’ll do it as long as he fulfills the contract. She should help him anyways, it will be a good distraction from talking to herself all day long.


Meanwhile, the military was digging up corpses from the Narita battle. Suzaku was still thinking about the mysterious girl, CC. He asked Lloyd if Zero represents justice, and grew angry thinking about it. Cecile and Lloyd figured that since the enemy has the radiation wave, it must be the doing of their old friend, Rakshata.


The Black Knights were taken to a super secret meeting place. Then Kirihara, sitting in a box behind a cloak speaks to them. He “insists” that Zero unmask himself. Kallen once again defends him.


Kirihara demands that Ohgi unmask Zero, and he proceeds to do so. When the mask came off, CC is revealed, and everyone is shocked. Karen then step forward, and says that she has seen this gl together with Zero before.

Then one of the Knightmares attacks the other ones, and points its giant gun at Kirihara’s bodyguards. Zero came down to confront Kirihara directly behind the carpet.

Firstly, he admitted that he was not Japaense, and secondly, he unmasked himself. Seeing Lelouch’s face, Kirihara remembered the kid that came with his sister.

He laughed maniacally, knowing that the “seed” he planted 8 years ago, Lelouch vi Britannia, has sprouted and became something that he is proud of. Kirihara assures the Black Knights that Zero is worthy of trust and he will back them up financially.

Shirley is shown the corpse of her father, and it was a heart wrenching scene as she stood there in the rain, her head facing down. When Lelouch showed up, he apologized for being late.

Shirley, with tears in her eyes, said that her father died. The last scene of the episode is when she embraced him and kissed him.




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